Good Foods and Nutrition For Your Brain Health

If you have anxiety and depression, you know it stems from our mind, our thoughts, beliefs and fears. The brain is the central driving force to our whole body. Taking care of your brain health can go a long way to keeping your mind active and healthy. Did you know that you can directly enhance […]

Increase Serotonin Levels With Foods High In Tryptophan

Low Serotonin Levels Can Cause Depression and Anxiety The primary role of serotonin is to act as a neurotransmitter responsible for sending chemical messages from one part of the brain to the other.  The serotonin is being released by the brain from its raphe nucleus which is part of a cluster of neurons found in […]

Anxiety and Depression Mood Foods

Control Anxiety and Depression By Eating Healthy Foods Anxiety and depression are two anxiety disorders that may be controlled by certain mood foods. If you live with these mental health conditions you know how hard it is to get through even the simplest of days, let alone ones that can involve input from yourself. It’s […]

Foods That Reduce Anxiety

Do You Know The Foods That Reduce Anxiety? If you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, you probably have already noticed how your moods are affected by the foods you eat. I have always called them my ‘mood foods’. Well today one of my friends shared her own journaling of her ‘mood foods.’ She has […]

Low Dopamine Levels Can Cause Anxiety and Depression

Can Dopamine Levels Cause Anxiety and Depression? Dopamine is one of the five main chemicals or neurotransmitters inside our brain. As dopamine continues to function along with other brain receptors, our thoughts, feelings and actions are being affected. Read further to find out more about dopamine and how it causes us to experience the debilitating […]

Does Your Diet Cause Stress and Anxiety?

Is Your Diet, Stress and Anxiety Related? Did you know that your diet can be linked to stress and anxiety? If you ate differently, you might just be better able to handle your emotions better, as sometimes what you eat can cause anxiety. Do you ever wonder how stress might affect you and what you eat? […]

Can Your Diet Cause Anxiety and Depression?

Are You Eating Foods That Are Causing Anxiety and Depression? We have all heard the words since we were kids ‘we are what we eat.’ Well I have just been reading an article about recent studies on how a high fat diet has been linked to anxiety and depression. Do you eat a high fat […]