Techniques For Coping with Driving Anxiety

Do You Have A Fear of Driving? If you are someone that would like to overcome a driving fear, these tips may be very helpful. If you are the type of person who would rather run in the opposite direction in order to avoid driving or if you find yourself wobbling on jelly-legs whenever you […]

Driving Anxiety Helped With Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Do You Have A Driving Fear? Have you heard of progressive muscle relaxation to overcome a fear of driving? You may know someone or you may be that someone who is terrified of getting into a vehicle and either having to be a passenger or have to drive! Maybe you stop driving so you don’t […]

Driving Fear Program Review – Overcome Fear of Driving

Do you have a driving fear? If you do this ‘Driving Fear Program’ by Rich Presta, is a doctor recommended program designed to help you overcome your fear of driving. If you or someone you love is terrified of getting behind the wheel, please understand that it is a very common form of anxiety. Are […]