Your Anxiety Questions Answered Personally

I know everyone’s anxiety levels and past traumatic experiences are all different and no two people are the same. That is why there is no one ‘fix’ for all. Perhaps you or someone you know has a problem and you have questions. Therefore I would like to try and help you and answer your anxiety questions.

I am not a therapist or psychiatrist, I am someone like you…or perhaps someone close to you that you are worried about.

I have suffered with social anxiety for years, but I have learned how to manage my own anxiety through natural techniques. I have found diet, natural supplements and other natural methods very helpful…and hopefully we can find a solution for you.

If you want to know more about me you can right here: About Me

I am not here to make promises to you…anxiety is a real problem that just doesn’t go away with a magic pill. There are programs that I wouldn’t give you a penny for…supposedly from people with anxiety! I can tell a mile away they don’t have the disorder at all.

So although I am not a person with a certificate on the wall…I am a person with mental scars.

Therefore I feel more qualified than some of the therapists I have heard people talk about.

I do not like medications but I know some people who cannot be without them, so I am not here to tell you to stop taking them. It is a personal choice and again everyone is different.

Below this post is a comment section where you can ask me questions.

No Personal Chats

Many people have contacted me by email (by replying to my newsletter emails) in regards to talking with me personally as they don’t like to share their thoughts or ask questions online.

However, I can’t do that. That is why I started this page. I am happy to share my own thoughts due to my own experiences…but that’s all I can do.

I have no therapist qualifications at all!

However, I do not have the time to do this, nor the qualifications, so I cannot provide time to do this as a service. I wish I could, but it is impossible for me to do this.

If you are happy to ask your questions here…that’s fine. Perhaps I or someone else might just provide one little thing to either brighten your day or at least give you hope.

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  1. Hi thank you for listening….im 37 and just started having health anxiety…Im seeing a councellor and doing lots of reading but nothing seems to help….I want to stop worring about my health so much..I have heart palp, got checked came back fine…blood tests are good, although I do suffer from depression but have been on medication for years…Can you help me? I will take any info you have!! Thank you so much 🙂

    • Hi Lisa!

      So many of us that suffer with anxiety worry about our health…which is understandable! We all have the heart palpitations, dizziness and other health issues that ‘can’ relate to other illnesses…so having health anxiety can be par for the course.

      The first thing to understand is that all your symptoms are ‘normal’ anxiety symptoms and they are not life threatening.

      What I found so very helpful (and happy to say helpful for others)…is changes to my diet and and a look at vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

      You would be amazed at how many simple food changes can help you!

      I have some articles you may find very helpful here…Anxiety Diet – Mood Foods.

      That is a good place to start! Then I have more for you…such as certain vitamins and minerals. Also, do you keep a journal?

  2. I was also told I have health anxieties… but I am not a hypochondria either… I worry that I will catch an illness from someone else its horrible Jennifer! It probably is my ocd playing up.. but I am sick of it! I get really bad anxiety if I know someone that had the flu or stomach virus and they were near me… I am so afraid I will get it.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I know you worry about your health and I know you don’t have hypochondria. You are also a very brave girl and even when you do get sick you, you can see that you get better! True?

      I also know that you are trying to eat healthy foods and write in your journal…and I am very proud of you for that.

      I also want to let people know you wrote a lovely poem here…Special Poem…and let them know just how proud I am of you.

  3. Hi
    At times I panic about my health usually when I’m feeling low, I think there may be something wrong with me mentally I have an intensive fear that I will get a mental illness as I see my mother who suffers. How do I stop thinking about how I feel and analyzing every single feeling/emotion? How do I stop making other peoples problems/sickness my own and just live a worry free life?!?!?
    I’ve seen a psychologist but I haven’t found any relief. I feel like I’m always fighting with myself!

    • Hi Dan,

      I understand your feelings completely. Fighting with your own inner emotions day after day, certainly makes you feel like you are fighting a battle that is impossible to conquer.

      You say you have seen a psychologist but haven’t found any relief. Can I ask what they have suggested to you? That way I may be able to show you something you may not have tried yet!

      The problem is we can’t fix everyone’s problems, even though we may wish we could. Therefore we have to learn to disassociate ourselves from certain circumstances and therefore free our minds from extra worry.

      It may sound impossible, but little by little, one day at a time, each day can be brighter.

  4. Hi, just a practial question…. I am really interested in the Provanax product. As far as I can read, Provanax is only available from the US? Are you aware if it can be purchased within the EU? The problem is that there are very strict rules regarding purchasing of natural medicine outside EU and also very high import taxes and VAT. So it is to my great frustration very difficult – and extremely expensive – to get hold of Provanax as an EU citizen. Hope there is a solution/alternative!! 🙂

    [Jennifer’s Note: Anyone wanting to know more about the product mentioned, you can read my: Provanax Review.]

    • Hi Anne,

      You are right, ProVanax is manufactured within the US, but they offer worldwide shipping. I was unaware of the rules and high import taxes existing in EU.

      As far as a solution, the only way is for you to purchase within EU, so we need to find you an alternative. I am so impressed with ProVanax…but I will do some research for you. It will be good for others to know in your situation!

      • Hi Anne, I have been trying to find a natural supplement manufactured and sold in Europe, but all I am finding is information on European Union regulations that have placed bans on hundreds of traditional herbal remedies and natural supplements.

        That explains the high import taxes to me. I also read that they were targeting St John’s Wort and valerian…which is in many anxiety supplements.

        Therefore I am appealing to everyone, if they know of a natural anxiety supplement that is as wonderful as ProVanax and easily purchased within EU, please let us know!

        • Hi Jennifer,
          Many thanks for your quick reply. And yes – it’s crazy about the EU regulations on herbal medicine. In my opionion all for the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies. Very frustrating when you know they can help!!! If somebody know of an alternative within the EU please do let me know! Thanks 🙂

          • Hi Anne…I didn’t like to say it is for the benefit of the big pharmaceutical companies…but I believe it is too. Money comes before health all too often I am afraid.

            …and if anyone does know of an alternative within the EU…please do let us ‘both’ know! That way we can share with so many others!

  5. Hi Jennifer, I have suffered anxiety, bad nerves, tension for past 30 years, I am trying to get it all under control, the breathing is helping me a lot, the thing that annoys me the most is the feeling of unreality, it is the weirdest sensation ever…..

    • Yes, I do understand what you mean. I am a real vitamin B and magnesium believer for helping ease and calm those nerves and for stress and tension. Do you take these types of vitamins and minerals?

      • Does Magnesium make you tired I do have Anxiety and Depression but since I have been taken Magnesium I have been feeling so tired a lot more

        • Jennifer Johnson says

          Hi Susan,

          Yes, it certainly does for me. Magnesium is known as being a muscle relaxant, so you can feel so relaxed you want to sleep. It makes my husband feel brain-fogged if he takes too much and he wants to sleep. This is where you have to find a balance.

          Your body needs magnesium for so many things. (It can’t absorb calcium for example, without magnesium…) but too much isn’t good either.

          • Hi Jennifer ,Thankyou for answering me .My Husband and my Dad both pass away last year . I am going though grieving and Depression and Anxiety I friend of mine told me to try Magnesium I have only taken it 3 times and its made me feeling so tired and dizzy and light headed and today the sweat was pouring of me today it felt like I was having another Anxiety Attack and yes I get the Fogg in the head too . Wake up in the morning and all day I just want to sleep … I just cant do it anymore I thought it was passion flower was doing it I stop that and it still happen.
            – – – – – – – – – – –

            Hi Susan, there is no space left to answer you here…so I answered you below:

      • Hi Jennifer
        I really need to get my anxiety under control when I am driving I have had some counseling I can drive but I have associated panic attacks in the car so I get uncomfortable when driving please any tips would be helpful I got married a year ago and my husband doesn’t understand and wants to leave me. I am very sad of course my anxiety is at a high at the moment . Thank you

    • Help me I am anxiety man . After night i am tired panic attack after 2years old I am 25 old plz help me I am eating medicine seroxital 25gm morning and night tablet zanic after 1month

      • Jennifer Johnson says

        Hi Shahzaib,

        I feel your pain and anguish. There are so many things you can start to do, but you have to make a start. Getting exercise, eating right, taking time out to relax…meditate…listen to music that makes you feel good…there are so many things, but you have to find the things that make you feel good and you have to learn what triggers your anxiety and panic attacks. Has your doctor told you to keep a journal and write down all the things that have happened before you get a panic attack?

        Once you learn your triggers it is easier to avoid them.

  6. Really really struggling tonight Jennifer, I love school its good for me but I am having bad anxiety issues…I want to chat with u, but the chat button on the pop up on here doesn’t work 🙁

  7. Jennifer, am I still your special friend? I miss you lots!!!

  8. Verlon Kelty says

    my daughtor 52yrs old has these attacks how do i help her.

    • Hi Verlon, what a beautiful question. You can help her with love and support…which I can see you are already doing. However there are many things that she can do.

      How does your daughter try to manage her attacks at present? If I know that, I can give you some suggestions.

  9. My anxiety has been getting the best of me. Every ache, cramp or whatever I freak out about. This all started this year after quiting smoking, soda, and changing my diet a few months ago. Now I am burping every once in a while, so that has me freaked out.

  10. Hi Jennifer,

    What happen to the facebook support group? I was looking for it !!! I can’t find it 🙁 How are you? I am fine!!! I wanted to show u the special needs pageant photos…… Will there be an anxiety support group on here? I hope because I really miss it and I miss talking too you!

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Lauren,

      I just answered you…and I am not sure if you received it…but the Facebook Group is no longer going. I closed it because too many people were not using the way it was meant to be used. (Advertising and spamming.)

      I love helping people on my own website…right here…so that is what I intend to do. Jennifer x

  11. Tracey Anzaldi says

    Jennifer i ran across this info and thought you may like to read it.

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Tracey!

      Thank you very much. This website looks wonderful! Plus I am glad you told me on my website. I love you visiting me here and you will have to do it often!

      Jennifer xxx

  12. Hi Jennifer,

    I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have taken many different medications, and am currently taking Effexor. I want to get off the pharmaceuticals and manage my anxiety in more natural ways. I have run out of this medication before and had to go a few days without and spent the weekend curled up in a ball in bed, so I know it has to be done slowly. I plan to exercise more and drink chamomile and Java teas

    • Sorry, had some difficulty with that last bit. Ill be drinking chamomile and kava teas. Do you have any other ideas to help during the transition? My goal is to not take anything regularly, just when I have an attack. Thanks!

      • Jennifer Johnson says

        Hi Madeleine.

        Firstly, making a decision to go off medication takes a lot of courage and I am so proud of you for that! At least you know the side effects of doing so…and how it takes time.

        I am not a doctor (I like to tell everyone that right up front) I am someone who has suffered anxiety for almost all my life.

        As for ideas, I have many and tried hundreds of ways.

        Everyone is different and everyone has different issues. You just have to try them all and see what helps you and drop the ones that don’t.

        There are so many things that you can do to try. Has your doctor told you to do anything to help yourself? Like write in a journal, watch your diet, keep track of your nutritional requirements, vitamins, minerals, natural supplements…self-help techniques, like meditating, deep breathing etc etc?

        I could talk for hours! Although I have written down many tips of my own and friends, which you can read on this website.

        You may like to look at the menu bar at the top.

        Please ask me anything you like and comment on any or all of my articles! I may not be a psychologist or psychiatrist…but I do understand how you feel.


  13. How do you know if you need magnesium? Is there a test. Can you get to much magnesium? I’ve been reading how being deficient can cause chest pains, cramps, ect. I’d like to try taking this.

  14. Jennifer Johnson says

    Hi Jill,

    Yes, there are magnesium tests, however I have never had one. You could certainly ask your doctor if you wanted to.

    As for getting too much magnesium, too much of anything is not good. I personally take magnesium every day and take quite large doses, especially when my anxiety levels rise, my heart starts palpitating and my legs cramp badly.

    My father died very young and instantly from of massive heart attack. I read somewhere way back then that the heart is a huge muscle and that heart attacks can be caused by a huge muscle cramp.

    Since then I have learned so much about magnesium…I started taking it and my anxiety and cramps have subsided.

    I am not a doctor, so I can’t recommend anyone to do anything, but I personally wouldn’t be without it. I know my body uses up this mineral faster than I can eat magnesium rich foods…so I supplement it.

    I hope that helps…even if it’s just a little bit.

  15. Jennifer Johnson says

    Hi Susan,

    Firstly, my deepest, deepest of sympathies. I am sure all of us here can understand your feelings of anxiety and depression. If the magnesium has that effect on you I would stop taking it. Your body obviously doesn’t need it.

    I would like to recommend a program to you that has helped so many people. I know some people with severe anxiety and they say it has helped them more than their therapists and psychologists. (There is a cost, however it is a wonderful program.)

    The man, who is now anxiety-free, shows you how to overcome it. So he too, like me, understands what you are going through. Even though everyone’s cause is different, it doesn’t change the fact that it causes anxiety or depression.

    This is the program I am referring to:

    I hope it helps Susan. I also hope today is the start to better days ahead.

    • Thankyou so much for your help Jennifer I wish I could but I haven’t got the money to do it…Today I haven’t been to good been feeling so tired and light headed

      • Jennifer Johnson says

        Susan, I have written so many articles on my website that may be of help to you. I certainly hope so! Why not read some…and you can ask me questions as often as you like, under the corresponding articles. Make yourself a nice herbal tea and start browsing. 🙂

  16. Dot McAveeney says

    Could you please tell me how much St. John’s wort is in 2 capsules of provanax

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Dot,

      I have just sent an email to Dr Sam Robbins to find out for you. I know in the ingredients it says: St. John’s Wort (5% Hyperforin extract) which is part of the Synergy Optimizer™ Technologies Blend of 698 MGS.

      I will post his reply here as soon as I hear the answer to your question.

  17. I suffer from general anxiety disorder – sometimes I’m fine for 2 months the all of a sudden it hits me and kind of paralyzes me. I heard magnesium can help – what is the maximum you recommend to take daily?

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Richard,

      I am not legally allowed to recommend what you should take personally, but I can provide you with the recommended daily allowances and I can tell you what I take.

      Firstly, the ‘Recommended Daily Allowance’ or RDA for Magnesium in the US for example is 400-420 mg/day for men (and 310-320 mg/day for women).

      The RDA isn’t necessarily what a person needs, that’s why doctors and nutritionists etc., will often prescribe a dosage higher or lower than the RDA.

      The maximum dosage rates (that I have researched before) are 1000mg daily, but people are known to take too much! Too much of a good thing, is bad…it is not twice as good.

      Now for me, naturally I am a woman, so my dose is different to men anyway. I take a 500mg tablet a day and sometimes I take 1000mg when I am extremely anxious.

      I know the signs when I am low on magnesium. For example, I get severe leg cramps and I get nervous and fidgety. I also can get tingling in my face and my heart flutters. This is when I will take another 500mg (to my 1000mg a day.)

      One thing to remember is that magnesium is a relaxant. It is known as the calming supplement. Therefore if you take too much it can make you sleepy. Plus, too much can make some people nauseas. (…and yes, I have taken too many sometimes and it makes you really sick. I have also read that some people have actually died from overdosing.)

      It is written all over the Internet that most people today are magnesium deficient. That is because magnesium comes from the soil, in our foods and the soils are quite often magnesium deficient.

      Sometimes I personally wonder if it is our diet of today that is the cause to so many of our problems…anxiety included. I have also written an article on magnesium here if you would like to read it:

      I hope that helps Richard!

  18. I keep seeing things about vitamin deficiencies and anxiety. Is it specific vitamins or does it vary from person to person? I also read a comment about hormone imbalance and anxiety. I was diagnosed with a severe hormone imbalance when I was 12 and have suffered from severe anxiety since I was a child. What do you think? Is there a link between hormone imbalances and anxiety?

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Carol, I have no recognized medical qualifications and have only my own observations and research to go on, and as you have asked me ‘what do I think’ I will let you know my thoughts…

      “I keep seeing things about vitamin deficiencies and anxiety. Is it specific vitamins or does it vary from person to person?”

      Actually I think it is both. There are vitamins which a lack of or excess of can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. This can be complex in that the actual vitamin causing the symptom may be being suppressed or otherwise impacted by an excess or lack of another vitamin or mineral.

      As a simple example not specific to anxiety, a lack of magnesium or vitamin D will affect the uptake, metabolism and retention of calcium. Bone health is dependent on a balance of vitamins and minerals.

      Mental health is no different. Problems can be caused by imbalances of vitamins and minerals. This is further compounded by the fact that it is not one size fits all; everyone is different in their individual requirements.

      From my own observations, magnesium and vitamin D play a big part in mood and anxiety symptoms. I know if I don’t take magnesium supplementation my anxiety increases, and in stressful situations my magnesium depletes rapidly and I experience physical symptoms such as leg cramps and heart palpitations. My husband on the other hand becomes tired and lethargic if he takes magnesium supplements, his system needs zinc instead.

      So we are all different.

      Is there a link between hormone imbalances and anxiety?

      There is much research to support a strong link for some, probably many individuals.

      To then answer your unasked question, (I think) Is there a link between vitamin and mineral imbalance and hormone imbalance?

      Again, much research says this can be the case for some sufferers, but not necessarily all. However hormone balance is greatly dependent on good vitamin/mineral nutrition. Imbalances due to lack or excess can cause under or over-activity of hormone secretion. The effects will vary for individuals, from negligible to extreme.

      If you have a sympathetic doctor or nutritionist to assist with working out your particular needs, great. If not, you can do as I have. Research individual vitamins and minerals and their known effects on symptoms. Experiment with dosage, always working within safe Recommended Daily Allowances.

      If you are taking ANY anxiety medications don’t start any experimentation without checking with your doctor and/or pharmacist about any possible conflicts.

      I hope that helps! Please let me know if I have answered your question. – Jennifer

  19. Hi hun, very high anxiety, scared can you lose your mind…feel unreal, going crazy. Get pains in my head, shakes, pins and needles. Can’t think right. Every hour every day can’t relax. Is this anxiety? Am I going mad? Thanks, Jill.

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Jill,

      Everything you have described is what we, anxiety sufferers, describe as having. You don’t need to suffer with this alone. There are many things you can do, however, I feel you should see someone straight away. It is better to be diagnosed correctly, than have me assume you have anxiety.

      If you do have anxiety, then I have lots of techniques I have used and written about that I can share with you.

      So don’t think you are going mad…just relax and make an appointment with someone as soon as possible…and make it with a person you feel comfortable with.


  20. Hi,

    I am 25 yr old male. I lost my best friend to an accident about 2 yrs ago and things haven’t been the same since then. I am always depressed, can’t sleep, losing weight, unhappy, very mad, lonely, I do work.

    Tried to get a psychiatrist to see but can’t really find one with my insurance so it is so expensive. Is there anything else I can try to get me out of this terrible place? Anything that is maybe herbal or homeopathic?

    I really want to try and turn things around. Thank you.

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Jack,

      Words cannot express my sorrow for your loss. My own nephew lost his friend in a work accident…and he was there…and you are saying the same words as to how he is feeling too.

      Grief is so painful, and yes it causes feelings of depression.

      Having family and friends around you, that are not only supportive, but fun and uplifting, is certainly helpful while you are feeling like this. Sometimes our closest loved ones feel they are being helpful when they feel sad with us…however, that’s not helpful at all…it’s just they don’t know how to help and it’s not their fault. So try to be around happy people.

      Play uplifting music whenever you can…don’t sit in your room and play sad songs…which is what we want to do. It doesn’t help at all.

      Go and sit in the sun and feel the sun’s rays on your skin. Our body needs the sun to boost our ‘happy hormones’! Again, when we feel depressed, we lock ourselves away, there is no sun…and we make ourselves feel worse.

      As for herbal or homeopathic remedies, these can be helpful because they boost the body’s dopamine and serotonin levels. There is one supplement I have loved promoting because I have spoken to Dr Sam Robbins personally on many occasions, asking questions for other people and getting answers. Dr Sam is an endocrinologist…a person that studies hormones. Our hormones have a lot to answer to when it comes to our health…both mentally and physically.

      Therefore if you are interested, you can read a review I have written of his product first, and if you read the comments (keep scrolling all the way down), you will see I have many responses from Dr Sam too. Maybe there are answers there that can help you decide.

      I wish I could write an instant healing remedy just for you…but there’s no such thing as what works for you, may be different to what works for someone else or me.

      I am not a therapist of any kind…but I understand the feelings of anxiety and depression all too well.

      Have a beautiful day Jack!


  21. I am a 53-year woman who has always had minor issues with claustrophobia, but since I recently broke my ankle, the cast has become an enormous trigger for my claustrophobia and I am in a constant state of anxiety and having panic attacks.

    I’ve been in a cast for two weeks and now it appears I might even need to have surgery, which scares me terribly. I am dealing with fear, anxiety, panic attacks and all I want is to get his cast off my leg or I feel like I’m either going to go insane or DIE! And I have weeks and weeks of recovery with a cast, then walking boot, ahead of me. I wonder how I’ll ever make it through, but I have to, as I have 4-year old twins waiting for their Mommy to get better.

    I have always done everything myself for my family, never been someone to ask for help, but in this condition I have to have a lot of help from my mother-in-law. Some might say I’m a control freak, though I think that’s a bit harsh, however, the loss of control in this situation is also part of my panic and anxiety. Would appreciate any advice you can give me regarding my situation. Thanks!

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Karla,

      Firstly, I just want to say that you can be brave! How do I know? You’ve gone 2 weeks and haven’t gone insane or died! THAT right there is a powerful and positive outcome!

      Now, I was going to write about “Desensitization” but I found a wonderful article that I know will help you if you follow the tips and techniques! Please read this article I found:

      I have a friend going through desensitization therapy at the moment and she is jumping out of her skin with excitement, because for the first time in 45 years she feels like she is overcoming her own fears.

      Your cast is a trigger…don’t let it be! Think about it rationally (which is hard, we all know that), but look at it as something that will disappear very soon…like a pimple! It’s annoying, but it will go away.

      Prepare yourself for another pimple outbreak when you get a boot. That I know you can remove (my own mother had to wear one recently and it annoyed her too). Hopefully knowing you can remove it will “desensitize” you even further.

      As for surgery…you MIGHT have to have surgery. Please don’t let a maybe heighten your anxiety levels. If you do need to, look at it differently. You’re recovery time will be shorter, or tell yourself a positive rather than feeding your negative thoughts.

      Your children will be your greatest gift at overcoming your fears! As you said you need to be strong for them, and if you are outwardly, that will help tell your inner mind you are strong too! Always, always, stop and think slowly. When I do that I can actually think rationally. When my mind is on a merry-go-round of fear and anxiety…I can’t think straight and I want to hide and explode.

      I hope that helps Karla! – Jennifer

  22. Hi, I am suffering with severe anxiety. This anxiety has been causing me pain in my jaw and I also have symptoms of migraines multiple times a month that are so debilitating I cannot work or go out in public. I stay home in bed all day, nursing my head, multiple days a month, and I have to cancel plans of things I’d love to normally do. I’ve lost friends from being ‘flaky’, and I feel so sad about it because I feel that I cannot control it. I do not feel in control of my emotions, in fact.

    I also have PTSD and I am not sure if it is related, but I am sensitive to any noises that is below a relatively quiet volume in my apartment building. I specifically chose to be on the top floor in what was told is a “quiet” area, but even my next-door neighbors playing bass music all hours of the day gets me extremely anxious. It’s not loud enough where I could have a legitimate complaint and I try to rationalize it in my head, because I don’t want my neighbors to be angry at me for complaining to them or management over noises that aren’t that loud, just ‘kind of’ loud.

    I feel out of control with my life and I don’t know what to do anymore. This is affecting my ability to sleep, to work, and to feel safe inside of my own apartment, let alone, my enjoyment in life and activities I used to love. I have gained a crippling depression from these symptoms along with my other medical conditions, and I fear I have no hope for the future. I also have had a concussion, which complicates things significantly. I have an extreme sensitivity to light and have to wear two pairs of light-blocking glasses just to be able to tolerate the outdoors. However, I end up avoiding going out in the sun when I can help it, and the lights at night (headlights, etc) are also extremely bothersome and get eventually painful.

    I cannot handle many of the things I used to love. It seems that my recovery from my concussion is taking forever, but I truly think my anxiety could be holding me back. I’ve tried tons of supplements and natural alternatives that I take regularly for it, including valerian, magnesium, CBD, THC, and many more. Nothing seems to get rid of it especially when I’m in an acute phase, listening to my neighbors’ noises. Please help…

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Shania,

      As you would have read, I have no qualifications whatsoever… however, only last week I was reading about noise and anxiety! My husband actually sent me a link to look at because some noises irritate me incredibly (but I can’t find the link he sent), so I went looking and found this:

      The article I read was where you can listen to ‘white noise’ to drown out the irritating sounds. I Googled about white noise, and ended up putting a binaural beats app on my phone… and it helps me fall asleep within 15 minutes! I still can’t believe it!

      Also, it sounds like you are doing everything you can, which is wonderful, and we all know it is not easy! Have you seen anyone to help you? There are so many lovely psychologists that may be able to help you… and I know that different therapies help different people!

      I wish I could say it will be better soon… but maybe the white noise can help!

  23. Has there been any reports of mild allergic reaction to Provanax?

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Anna, I am not sure.

      However, you can ask Dr Sam on the ProVanax website and he will let you know. No-one has told me on my own personal site here that they have. But we all know someone, somewhere will be allergic to something. If you have allergic reactions to other natural supplements, it would be certainly wise to ask Dr Sam.

      If you find that you are happy to try ProVanax after you know, I do have a savings link here:

      I wish I could be more helpful… but I can’t give advice on this question. Thank you for asking me though! If I knew I would certainly say so.

      • Hi, Thanks for the reply. What’s the best way to contact Dr Sam? I’m looking at the website and can’t find a contact for Dr Sam.

        • Jennifer Johnson says

          Hi Anna, once you click this link: – look down in the right hand bottom corner. There is a link for a live chat, or email or phone number. Can you see it? I am using my PC and viewing in Chrome.

          • Yes, I was able to get in contact with a rep. Thank you again for help.

            I’m hoping it’s just my allergies acting up and not a reaction to the Provanax I’ve been taking for about a week.

            • Jennifer Johnson says

              That’s great you were able to talk to someone, and here’s hoping it is just your allergies!

  24. Shannon Arnold says

    Hi, I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for years.. I am currently taking 262mg of effexor, 45mg of mirtazepine and 1mg three times a day of lorazepam. I am just wondering if provanax is safe to take with my medications?

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Shannon,

      I have asked Dr Sam Robbins, the owner of ProVanax this question before, about taking it with existing medicatioins. I can’t find his reply on your medications, but I did find this one:

      “Yes, you can take ProVanax with Lexapro – I would just start with only 1 pill and see how they feel and then 2 and 3 and so forth. There won’t be any negative interactions, we just want to start low and test. This is something you should do with any new supplement, especially when adding it to an existing medicine. Thanks =)”

      As I am not a doctor, I can’t advise what to do or not do. However, they have 3 ways to contact them in their chat section on the website:

      I hope that helps!

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