Natural Remedies For Mood Swings

Balancing Your Moods Naturally

There are many natural techniques you can use to balance your mood swings. Depending on the severity of your moods, depends on what may help you. So why not try a few natural remedies to see if your moods can be balanced naturally. So let us discuss a few methods and see how they work to manage moods.

Aromatherapy For Mood Swings

1. Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Mood Swings

This is one of my favorite natural remedies because aromatherapy is very easy to use and is perfectly safe for everyone, including children. Inhalation is the best way to use essential oils as rubbing them directly onto your skin can irritate it. You can inhale the scent even by dropping a few drops on to your handkerchief…and breathe the wonderful aroma when you need to. Your mood will soon begin to ease.

The aromatherapy oils that are most frequently used as natural remedies for mood swings are lavender, Frankincense, geranium, orange and rosemary. With regular exposure to these scents, you will quickly notice a positive change in your mood. You will also be able to relax more easily and as I said, your stress levels will ease beautifully.

2. Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are also popular for managing mood swings because they are all natural, have been found to be effective and very easy to use. These remedies usually come in the form of homeopathic formulas, herbal supplements or herbal teas.

Homeopathic formulas can also help with a chemical imbalance, which causes the mood swings. They can also assist by helping to:

  • Relieve feelings of anxiety and nervousness
  • Reduce irritability, tension and stress
  • Calm moods and feelings of restlessness and
  • Balance moods and emotions during difficult times of pressure.

How You Can Help Yourself

There are also little things you can do to help yourself! For example I am a big believer in ‘you are what you eat’.

  • The foods that you eat all have an effect on your health. Some make you healthy, some make you fat, and some make you especially moody.
  • Some of the foods that can cause mood swings are those that are rich in caffeine, refined sugar and oil.

One of the most effective dietary changes that you can make to reduce mood swings is to lay low on sugary foods. Too much sugar in your body will increase the production of some hormones, which can cause you to feel particularly elated.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the feeling of elation remained but unfortunately, that is not the case. Once the sugar is digested, your “happy hormones” will quickly disappear…leaving you feeling depressed.

You can avoid these sugar crashes by watching what you eat very carefully. Aside from reducing your sugar consumption, you may also want to increase your fluid (water) intake, and avoid eating fatty and processed foods.

Natural Remedies and Your Doctor

The cause of your mood swings are also be a factor in the overall effectiveness of any remedy, whether natural or artificial. Always consult with your doctor, as they know your own personal history. I do not know your background, I only know what works for me and like to share that with you.

Do you have any of your own remedies to share with me?

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About Jennifer Johnson

I suffered with social anxiety and stress for years. I discovered what my triggers were and learned to control them. Hopefully some of the natural anxiety relief techniques I have tried, will also be your solution.


  1. I second that regarding reducing sugar intake! I used to drink a lot of sugary sodas. Seems like I was always sucking on a Big Gulp. I made a special effort to break this habit and it’s made a world of difference in my life. I can sleep better, feel less jittery and my moods have stabilized to some degree. Keep up the good work on this blog!

    • Hi Linda,

      Congratulations on making such a healthy habit by cutting out your sugary drinks. There are so many foods and drinks that can either increase or decrease your anxiety levels. For example caffeine can increase and some herbal teas can reduce anxiety…and there are so many more examples.

      You may find these articles very helpful: Anxiety Diet Tips.

  2. Great post! Some people feel anxious when placed in a certain situation, while others may handle it well. If you’re a person who easily gets anxious, you might have noticed that your anxiety can interfere with work, daily activities.

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