5 More Techniques To Reduce Anxiety

As you know I provide plenty of anxiety relief techniques, but here are a few you can do right now. There are several things you can do to improve the way you handle stressful and anxiety producing situations. It sounds so simple but often we don’t apply what we know we need to do! By […]

Exercise Today and Boost Your Moods

Get Exercising and Get Happy Did you know that exercising can actually boost your moods and make you feel happier? Anxiety and depression is certainly helped if not overcome with regular exercise. There are also other benefits too of course! It will help you with any excess body weight, plus regular exercise and other fitness […]

Qigong (Chi Kung) For Anxiety Relief with Christopher Handbury

Energy Health Qigong For Anxiety Relief I would like to introduce a special guest to you all,  Christopher Handbury. Not only does Christopher help many people find anxiety relief, Christopher also knows what it is like to suffer with anxiety. I hope his teachings give you all hope for yourselves! “My name is Christopher Handbury […]

Do You Use Aromatherapy For Anxiety and Stress Relief?

Soothing Your Mind With “Aroma Therapy” Even the words essential oils or aromatherapy are soothing to hear. They seem to conjure up a sense of calm. If you have ever used aromatherapy for stress or anxiety relief, you may already know how good it feels. Benefits of Using Your Senses Researchers have discovered that stress […]

Mindfulness Meditation For Anxiety

Mindfulness Meditation For Anxiety Relief There are many anxiety relief techniques that you may have tried, but have you tried mindfulness meditation for anxiety? The other day a friend of mine explained how she has found mindfulness meditation very helpful. I asked her if she would allow me to share her thoughts with you and she […]

Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety Relief

Homeopathic Anxiety Medicine For Treating Anxiety Homeopathic remedies for anxiety relief are popular because they are natural and non-habit forming. Anxiety affects our physiological, psychological and behavioral aspects of our being and isn’t a health problem that can be ‘fixed’ with medication. However we can attack it using homeopathic anxiety medicines to help relieve some […]

Meditation To Help Ease Your Anxiety

Meditating For Calming Anxiety and Stress Meditation is a relaxing self-help technique that can get you in better touch with yourself. It relieves stress and anxiety, relaxes your body and calms your mind. If you feel an unhealthy amount of stress, whereby it causes severe anxiety and depression, you need to do something about it. […]

5 Tips For Anxiety Relief [Infographic]

Simple Natural Anxiety Relief Tips Sometimes we forget the simple things that provide us with relief from our anxiety, or more importantly prevent sudden attacks from even occurring. Take our diet for example. Does that cup of caffeine send you shaking throughout your whole body? Or does that delicious piece of chocolate have you ‘jittering’ […]

Diaphragmatic Breathing – How To Do Belly Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing For Anxiety Relief If you suffer from anxiety, you would have heard many times over – breathe deeply. That sounds easy, after all we were born to breathe…but most of us don’t breathe deep, we take shallow breaths. Is that normal or natural? Should we breathe deeply? Belly Breathing Technique Take a look […]

Herbal Tea To Soothe Anxiety

Drink Your Way To Anxiety Relief If you suffer with anxiety you may be interested in this herbal tea that a friend of mine shared with me. She has been drinking it for a while now and it helps to soothe her anxiety. She is fortunate to have many herbs and plants growing in her […]