Are You Depressed? How Can You Tell?

Contents1 Different Types of Depression1.1 What is Mild Depression?1.2 What is Moderate Depression?1.3 What is Clinical Depression?1.4 What is Situational Depression?2 What Can Depression Look Like?2.1 Yes or No? How do you know if you are depressed, or not just feeling a bit down? People label health issues so quickly and unfortunately, our mind can […]

What Causes Depression and How Does It Develop?

Contents1 Understanding The Causes of Depression2 Risk Causing Factors of Depression2.1 Chemical Imbalance In The Brain2.2 Genetics2.3 Stress and Trauma2.4 Psychological Disorders2.5 The Development of A Serious illness Understanding The Causes of Depression Depression is a psychological disorder. We all know that. We know it affects many people, but what causes depression and why? There […]

Causes and Symptoms of Depression In Men

Contents1 Depression in Men1.1 Depression Symptoms in Men1.2 Causes of Depression in Men Depression in Men Men often experience depression, but are often unaware of the causes or symptoms of depression. There is also the cultural and social idea that men should be in control of their emotions and that crying or having ‘sad feelings’ […]

Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Contents1 What is SAD?1.1 Challenges of Seniors Suffering from SAD2 Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder3 Causes of Seasonal Affective Disorder4 Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder4.1 SAD Treatments For Seniors5 The Link Between SAD and Bipolar Disorder5.1 Train Your Mind and Body to Prevent SAD What is SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of […]

Separation Anxiety Due To Relationship Problems

Contents1 Email I Received2 My Thoughts Many of us with anxiety, have problems in relationships…mostly because people don’t understand why we can’t ‘just get over it’. However, sometimes people develop separation anxiety after something happens in a relationship, for example, losing someone they love. This week I received an email from Mary. As I cannot […]

Positive Thinking Reduces Stress Levels

Contents1 Cortisol – The Stress Hormone1.1 Can You Change To Reduce Stress Levels?2 Use Positive Affirmations If you start thinking positively, you may have a better chance to reduce your stress levels. We know the world is full of optimists and pessimists. One person sees a glass half full, while another sees the glass half […]

Exercise Outdoors To Ease Depression Symptoms

Contents1 Why¬†Does Exercising Outdoors Ease Symptoms of Depression?2 Why Is Exercising For Depression Outdoors Beneficial?2.1 Vitamin D – Natural Mood Enhancer2.2 Endorphins – Double Emotional Boost I’ve talked about exercise reducing depression, but exercising outdoors has more benefits! The benefits of outdoor exercise have been confirmed in studies, so you don’t have to just take […]

Why Does Exercise Reduce Depression?

Contents1 How Endorphins Improve Moods With Exercise2 Why Does Exercise Help?2.1 How Long Do You Have To Exercise?2.2 How Often Should You Exercise?3 Benefits of Exercise For Reducing Depression4 Which Exercises Are Recommended?4.1 In Conclusion Exercises can help with depression because hormones are released when you exercise. Endorphins are special hormones secreted in your brain […]

Good Foods and Nutrition For Your Brain Health

Contents1 Foods You Can Include In Your Daily Diet2 The Mind-Body Connection2.1 Download This Free eBook – Instant Download! If you have anxiety and depression, you know it stems from our mind, our thoughts, beliefs and fears. The brain is the central driving force to our whole body. Taking care of your brain health can […]

5 More Techniques To Reduce Anxiety

Contents1 Reflections For Today2 Self-Reflection Questions As you know I provide plenty of anxiety relief techniques, but here are a few you can do right now. There are several things you can do to improve the way you handle stressful and anxiety producing situations. It sounds so simple but often we don’t apply what we […]

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