Child Anxiety Treatment – Natural Methods

Natural Child Anxiety Treatment Options

The number of young children and teenagers showing signs of depression and anxiety appears to be on the rise and parents everywhere are looking for natural child anxiety treatments. What is wonderful, is more parents are becoming aware their child has a problem.

Overcoming Child Anxiety

Anxiety Free Child Program

Anxiety Free Child Program

Children tend to hide their signs of anxiety, either inadvertently or on purpose. I know my own parents didn’t even know I had a problem. They thought I was shy and introverted and although there was reason for me to develop social anxiety…I would get over it, wouldn’t I?

It is therefore important for parents who are concerned about the health of their children to be very vigilant as soon as they suspect anything is amiss.

It is highly important to provide help for their child as soon as possible, because failure to do so can worsen the problem.

Anxiety disorders in children can lead to extreme fear and depression, which would likely prevent their child from leading a normal life.

Fortunately, there are several natural child anxiety treatment techniques that parents can use to help their children, even without the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

For these treatments to work, it is vital that parents discover the problem as early as possible, so that the child won’t have to carry the disorder into adulthood. It can become a terrible burden on their emotional health.

Child Anxiety Treatments

  • Healthy Lifestyle – It’s important to ensure they have a healthy lifestyle…good nutrition, exercise and making sure the child has sufficient time for sleep. Quality sleep allows the body to refresh itself and enables cells and tissues to grow. It gives the body and mind a chance to relax.
  • Healthy Balanced Diet – In addition to sleep, parents should be diligent about providing a balanced diet. The diet should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious foods. If the child gets all the nutrients that he needs daily, he will be perfectly healthy and thus live a happier, anxiety-free life. If they eat the wrong ‘mood foods‘ it can affect their anxiety levels.
  • Self Help Programs – Of all the child anxiety treatments available today, one of the easiest and most effective is to help your child with a self help child anxiety program.

If these types of treatment methods did not help the situation, you can try more intensive treatment options like psychological behavioral therapy.

This method of treatment involves visiting the specialist who will likely use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on the child. The therapy involves the doctor taking the child through a series of coping techniques, which allows the child to comfortably express his problems.

The main aim of cognitive behavioral therapy is to free up the minds of children and help them overcome anxiety.

The entire process of undergoing child anxiety treatments and reclaiming a normal life might take time but with patience and determination, it is bound to bring good results.

Rich Presta Child Anxiety Program

Rich Presta – Anxiety Free Child Program

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  1. Carla Baker says

    Hi Jenny … first off, I just wanted to say thank you for this blog. I have two children (and a dog!) who suffer from anxiety issues and your articles here have been very helpful and encouraging to me. I appreciate the recommendation for K-OK Kiddie Calmer. I don’t trust the big pharmaceutical companies and already prefer natural if possible.

    • Hi Carla,

      I am so happy to hear my articles have been helpful. A dog and two children with anxiety…I am even more happy to know you have recognized their anxiety issues!

      I am afraid I don’t trust big pharmaceutical companies either. I realize people have found helpful treatments, but I have also heard some disturbing news too which makes me lean towards natural treatments wherever possible.

  2. Jenny do you think there might be cases where a child might be so intensely sick with anxiety that these pharmaceutical drugs might actually ease their pain? I’m just a mom researching the subject. Would like your thoughts.

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Mari,

      Anxiety does make you feel sick. Our stomach can hurt, you feel like you want to be physically sick…there are so many ‘physical’ symptoms a person with anxiety can feel.

      You asked my thoughts on pharmaceutical drugs helping with their pain…I am an all natural girl (which you may have noticed) so the thought of pharmaceutical drugs for any illness never excites me…however here we go with some of my thoughts.

      Firstly, I am so happy you know or realize your child has an anxiety problem! Your child has a distinct advantage already…a mom who wants to help. That’s wonderful!

      Have they seen a psychologist or psychiatrist? If not, I love psychologists the best as they don’t write prescriptions…they will talk to them and yes, if there is a serious problem they may refer your child to a psychiatrist.

      Now, I would like to explain why I don’t like prescriptions. I do have friends who can’t live without them, but they agree they feel out of it…separate from life…while they take them and they wish they didn’t have to.

      As children they didn’t take medications and yet now as adults they take them like lollies and it seems to me that more and more of the people I know are.

      One of my best friends has severe PTSD, chronic depression, anxiety attacks and borderline personality disorder. I honestly don’t know how she has survived her traumatic life and neither do her psychiatrists. She is known as a ‘unicorn’ in their medical circles and she has to take medications.

      However, I wish she didn’t have to…as she appears to be on a merry-go-round and when I see her feeling good and not taking as many, she seems alive! She recently was admitted to the mental hospital for a month and she didn’t know who she was.

      This may seem dramatic and over-the-top, but please keep researching and see what others say. Your child may have anxiety like I did as a child (my parents never knew…and they thought I would grow out of my problem) and I was never given pills and I never have taken any.

      Do I feel sick when I have an anxiety attack? Yes…but I am old enough to make my own decisions. Children can’t. At this critical child, teen, young adult stage I know of too many examples where exposure to anti-depressant medication has setup a life cycle of dependency that the person has not ever been able to escape from.

      They now cannot envisage a life without being medicated. In your situation of agonizing for your child’s pain you want it to stop now. My major concern is that a short term solution might lead to a long term bigger problem.

      All of this may seem easy for me to say. I am not there living your particular struggle. I am not telling you that you don’t need medications, just sharing you my experience and my fears. If you have any doubts, please seek help for both you and your child’s sake.

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