Living With Depression

Finding Help Is The Most Important Step

Are you, or do you know someone living with depression? It is a sad reality that millions of people around the world are. Certainly, nobody wants to feel depressed nor be identified as having this condition.

Most of these people are actually quite hesitant to admit their condition even to close friends and family members for fear of rejection or ridicule. What they don’t realize is that reaching out to people who can be supportive of them is the first step to getting better, and this is what will enable them to fully recover and live perfectly normal lives.

In order to overcome depression, you have to first reach out for help…and yes, this is easier to say than do. The most unfortunate part is that many people living with depression stay in denial about their condition, even when they finally go in for treatment. By this time the problem has often already escalated.

If you are that someone, or if you know someone close to you that you suspect is feeling more than a little depressed…PLEASE do something about it. There are people who understand and who can help.

You Can Treat Depression

Treating depression need not be difficult if the person is willing to try different forms of treatment, for example, joining support groups. According to research, having a stable and consistent support group is very important for people who are living with depression because this group keeps them motivated and on the right track to recovery.

Finding a good support group to join shouldn’t be too difficult. There are many of them online and your local community is sure to have a handful of them as well.

If you are living with depression, you don’t have to be alone. Instead of hiding your condition from other people, it is best that you tell them about it so that they will understand why you may be acting in certain ways at certain times. They may not totally understand, but if they care about you, they will certainly try to learn how to be of support to you.

Of course, the amount of details that you may want to reveal will depend on who you are talking to. Obviously, you don’t need to tell as much to your office-mates as you would to close friends or family, but you can just let them know to the point that you are still comfortable sharing.

Depression may be caused by many different factors and identifying the exact cause is not always easy. There is always help for depression. There may not be an instant cure and it may take some time, dedicated effort and support from friends and family.

Anyone can overcome the problem of living with depression and begin to live a productive and fulfilling life, with the right help from the right people.

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  1. My wife has depression and sometimes I don’t know what to do. I want to help her but I just don’t know how.

    She says I don’t understand and I don’t! I try to make her happy but it seems like I am fighting a losing battle.

    I want to support her not leave her because I know she has PTSD from bad stuff in her past. She doesn’t feel like she is bad enough to go to a pyschiatrist or to take meds everyday and I don’t want her to either because I don’t think she is that bad either.

    Its just I don’t know how bad she is compared to others and I don’t know if what she is doing is normal for people with depression.

    She wants to sleep all the time and she eats when she is more depressed.

    I have been researching different options like natural meds and techniques which is how I found your website.

    My question is I guess, is there something I can do to help or do you recommend something for her?


    • Hi Mark,

      Firstly I am so happy to see you are researching ways to help your wife. That is wonderful! Support and love help so much.

      Now to help further. There are so many things your wife can do. Diet, exercise, sunshine, deep breathing, natural supplements, vitamins and minerals all play a part in managing anxiety and depression.

      I discuss all these techniques and methods on my website. May I suggest you look at the category menu and read my articles. You can also sign up to my newsletter. I will send you a free report on steps to finding relief.

      If you have any questions, please just ask me and I will point you to an article or answer it for you.

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