Fighting and Overcoming the Fear of Flying

Many people have a fear of flying and because of it many people just choose to drive to where they are going to instead of working to overcome their flying fear.  Having any anxiety disorder is unbearable and getting on a plane when you don’t have the courage is extremely difficult. If you are afraid […]

Steps In Overcoming Fear Of Flying

There are many people who are having a hard time in overcoming fear of flying. This fear may stem from a personal experience or from watching something on the news. Studies show that many that have developed a fear of flight are the ones who are used to travel via plane before. These bad experiences […]

Treatments For Overcoming Aviophobia or Fear Of Flying

If a diagnosis is made for a patient suffering from aviophobia or fear of flying, treatments will often start depending on the severity of the phobia. The most common treatment options available in overcoming fear of flying include drug therapy, natural remedies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), relaxation techniques and airline-affiliated programs. Each of these offer […]

Overcoming Fear of Flying – What Is Causing Your Fear?

Many people are having a hard time overcoming fear of flying as they have unfortunately developed a phobia or anxiety towards taking a plane flight. The fear or phobia is what develops into a fear of flight. For some, it seems really illogical to be afraid of something wrong that might happen during the flight. […]

The Takeoff Today Program Review – Overcome Fear of Flying

The “Takeoff Today Program” is by Rich Presta. If you are afraid to fly, this program may be what you need to help you overcome your fears. Unlike other choices that may be given to you for treating your fear of flying, this program doesn’t tell you to take anxiety medications, it doesn’t involve therapy […]