Are You Depressed? How Can You Tell?

How do you know if you are depressed, or not just feeling a bit down? People label health issues so quickly and unfortunately, our mind can believe what it’s told in an instant, and sometimes not correctly. So before you jump to any conclusions, and think you are suffering with anxiety or depression, there are […]

What Causes Depression and How Does It Develop?

Understanding The Causes of Depression Depression is a psychological disorder. We all know that. We know it affects many people, but what causes depression and why? There is depression in men, depression in women and children get depressed too. Regardless of gender, they feel sad, helpless, worthless, pessimistic and guilty during the time of depression. Approximately […]

Causes and Symptoms of Depression In Men

Depression in Men Men often experience depression, but are often unaware of the causes or symptoms of depression. There is also the cultural and social idea that men should be in control of their emotions and that crying or having ‘sad feelings’ is not being masculine. However, men have feelings just as women do and […]

Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Seasonal Affective Disorder

What is SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression and was identified and named by Dr. Norman Rosenthal in 1984. So it is not something that has been ‘diagnosed’ for very long in medical terms. Dr. Rosenthal began his interest in trying to understand his own bouts with depression during the winter […]

Exercise Outdoors To Ease Depression Symptoms

I’ve talked about exercise reducing depression, but exercising outdoors has more benefits! The benefits of outdoor exercise have been confirmed in studies, so you don’t have to just take my word for it. Why Does Exercising Outdoors Ease Symptoms of Depression? Outdoor exercise helps ease depression symptoms and negative moods better than exercising indoors. A study […]

Why Does Exercise Reduce Depression?

Exercises can help with depression because hormones are released when you exercise. Endorphins are special hormones secreted in your brain and they have an effect on your moods. These endorphins actually activate the same receptors that many drugs (legal and illegal) activate, but without the dangerous and negative side effects. So exercising can boost your […]

Have You Tried Natural Remedies For Depression?

Tips To Treat Depression Naturally There are natural remedies for depression. You do not have to resort to medications, as most people assume. As soon as the term anxiety or depression is mentioned, people jump to the conclusion that drugs is the only answer…or continual therapy sessions with a psychiatrist. Yes, living with depression is […]

Manic Depression – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Understanding Manic Depression – Bipolar Disorder Manic depression is also known by a few other names such as manic depressive disorder or bipolar depression. It is a mood disorder that involves the frequent and oftentimes sudden changes of mood from mania to depression and vice versa. A lot of research has been dedicated to this […]

Postpartum Depression Can Be…and Is A Problem

Symptoms and Treatments of Postpartum Depression Having a baby is one of the most joyous things that can happen in a woman’s life – at least, this is the typical perception of childbirth. However, for some women who are going through postpartum depression, happiness is the furthest thing that they are feeling shortly after giving […]

Depression In Teenagers – The Symptoms and Help

Depression In Teenagers Is A Serious Problem Depression in teenagers is more common than many people realize. It is a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teen’s young life. If left untreated, depression in teens can lead to problems at home and school, drug abuse, self-loathing and even irreversible tragedy such as suicide or […]