Depression and Anxiety Medications

Do You Take Depression and Anxiety Medications? You may be taking depression or anxiety medications that are designed to eliminate your symptoms…but do they? It is not uncommon for these medications to actually cause the same symptoms that they should be eliminating! It sounds incredible but unfortunately, it is true. In fact, this is what […]

Reasons Why Anxiety Medications Are Addictive

Are You Taking Anxiety Medications? Anxiety medications are ranked fifth among the highest selling drugs in the world. This is such a sad reality. If you find yourself suffering from anxiety please keep in mind that taking anxiety medications can be extremely addictive, so although it is a treatment that is usually administered it may […]

Pros and Cons of Using Anti Anxiety Medications

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anti Anxiety Medications You may be someone that suffers with anxiety badly and the first thing you need, is relief from the attacks and scariness of an impending one. You may be concerned about the pros and cons of taking anxiety medications, prescription or otherwise. People nowadays are leading very hectic […]

Anxiety Medication and Natural Remedies for Anxiety Relief

Natural Anxiety Treatments and Therapies For Overcoming Anxiety When it comes to treating anxiety disorders, there are several different options that you can choose from, such as anxiety medications, behavioral therapy, counseling, herbal supplements and even meditation. Of all these treatments, the use of anxiety medications remains to be the most recommended by doctors, despite […]

Basics You Need To Know About Depression and Anxiety Medication

While it is true that depression and anxiety medication can help you for the short term, not taking the right one can affect not only your symptoms, but also the way you are able to deal with your conditions. That’s why it’s so important to get all the information that you can about the different […]

What Are Some of The Drugs Used To Treat Anxiety?

Anti-Depressants – Prozac, Xanax, Valium or Natural Treatments There are many different drugs used to treat anxiety these days and if you suffer from anxiety, you might be considering asking your health care provider about which one might be right for you. How do you know if you really need these anti-depressant medications? You may […]

Alternatives When Looking For Drugs Used To Treat Anxiety

Many people are considering trying prescription drugs used to treat anxiety and while this is an effective treatment option for some, others are left feeling as if there should be something out there that works better or more naturally. What is a person to do when they feel like they aren’t getting the anxiety relief […]

Stop Being Dependent On Taking Anxiety Attack Medication

Whether you know it or not, your anxiety attack medication may actually causing you to have more anxiety that you were feeling before you started taking anything for your symptoms at all. Many mainstream prescription medications can actually have some pretty serious side effects and if you don’t break the dependence now, you could be […]

What You Can Do When Deciding To Take Anxiety Medication

For most people who are suffering from anxiety, the first instinct would be to purchase some over-the-counter anxiety medications to help relieve the symptoms that they are experiencing. While there are certainly a lot of effective anxiety treatments, you should also realize that some medications may come with certain risks and complications, especially if you […]

Panic And Anxiety Attack Medication – The Debate Over Anxiety Medications

For years, people have been torn whether to use a panic and anxiety attack medication, primarily because of the continuing debate over their actual effectiveness and the possible side effects that come with their use. Truly, there are a number of negative consequences that can happen when using these drugs, especially if you do so […]