Qigong (Chi Kung) For Anxiety Relief with Christopher Handbury

Energy Health Qigong For Anxiety Relief

I would like to introduce a special guest to you all,  Christopher Handbury. Not only does Christopher help many people find anxiety relief, Christopher also knows what it is like to suffer with anxiety. I hope his teachings give you all hope for yourselves!

Christopher Handbury“My name is Christopher Handbury and I have been practicing energy work for over ten years.

In this time I have gained professional qualifications in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Microsystems Acupuncture, Tuina Medical Massage, Traditional Indonesian Bodywork and Qigong (Chi Kung).

I am based in the south west of England where I run my own Holistic Medical Clinic in heart of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.

Since the age of eight following a grand mal seizure in front of a new school class I have suffered with nervousness and anxiety. Throughout my teenage school years were worse and also a time when I discovered the depths of my mother’s anxiety symptoms which had been around since before my birth.

I watched my mother through her good times and bad times but never realized until my anxiety turned to panic that this was how she had been feeling all these years.

Once I had begun suffering I immediately sought to understand why I was feeling this way. It wasn’t until many years later that a car accident led me to receive treatment from a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine that I gained a clearer insight into the energetic movement of anxiety.

My treatment was so successful I began training immediately and during my six years training I studied and developed a greater understanding of energy medicine and how its profound but simple practice could help reduce many of the symptoms of anxiety.

Through the years I also began to study and practice Qigong (chi kung) which has become my most loved system of all. Not only does it fit perfectly with emotional conditions, it also teaches many simple skills that radiate throughout everything we do to make life more enjoyable and less stressful.

Over the past four years I have developed my own teaching methods that incorporate self- applied massage techniques, Qigong movement and meditation and Spinal Health Techniques, all of which reduce anxiety, instill well-being and peace of mind.

To date I have treated thousands of patients, taught hundreds of Qigong students and gained great insights into the process of energy health within the human body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine regards emotions as an imbalance of internal energy (Chi) when you begin to look at anxiety from this perspective it is much easier to understand and take positive action to treat yourself, drug free and completely holistically.

Effectively it’s not really you! It’s just the way your body feels when its energy system is out of balance. Restore the harmony within and the rest will just fade away.

I am a great believer that within each of us are all the answers and healing power we need to live a fruitful and energetic life. Most of us just need a helping hand, honest advice and effective treatment or means of enjoying greater health. So far science has no remedy for anxiety other than drugs that make it worse. Once you have the skills of chi kung you can begin to heal once and for all!

If you are interested in discovering how Chi Kung can help please follow my blog at www.energyhealth.co.uk “

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