Exercise Today and Boost Your Moods

Get Exercising and Get Happy

Did you know that exercising can actually boost your moods and make you feel happier? Anxiety and depression is certainly helped if not overcome with regular exercise. There are also other benefits too of course! It will help you with any excess body weight, plus regular exercise and other fitness activities are great for your heart and circulation.

Boost Moods and ExerciseMost fitness experts will tell you that a brief and brisk half hour walk immediately makes you more alert and intense physical activity of any kind actually stimulates your serotonin and dopamine levels which cause you to feel happier and more at ease.

Of course, there are the self-esteem benefits which make you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror and see how all your hard work is paying off. The key to becoming happier is regular exercise and dedication to your fitness routine. This includes ensuring you are drinking lots of water throughout the day, and changing your lifestyle to include a healthy diet.

Your Endorphins

Getting fit can make you happier and it all has to do with your endorphins. These wonderful little natural mood boosters actually talk to your brain, and help reduce your perception of anxiety.

Your endorphins are released in great quantities when you exercise for an extended period of time. Have you ever experienced a euphoric feeling after an intense workout? Long-distance runners call it the “runner’s high”. This is due to the massive release of endorphins in your body, which drastically and quickly cause a happier and healthier outlook.

Have you ever exercised and felt good in any other activity? Yes, making love is one of those euphoric exercises.

Exercise Fights Anxiety And Depression

When you’re depressed, your ability to process information will slow down significantly. This can cause memory problems, as well as difficulty with making decisions and concentrating. If you’re suffering from mild depression, then exercise may be all that you need in order to fight this disorder.

The reason why exercise is known for fighting anxiety and depression is because it will increase your body’s production of feel-good brain chemicals – dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals are crucial if you want to experience happiness.

Produced in your spinal cord, brain and other parts of your body, these chemical good guys also act as sedatives. However, unlike chemical sedatives your natural mood boosters don’t give you an unhealthy addiction!  Therefore exercise is excellent for flooding your body with these miraculous stress relievers.

Exercise Will Improve Your Self-Esteem

Having low self-esteem can lead to anxiety, depression and stress. It can also have a negative impact on your work or academic performance. In order to live a happy life, your self-esteem needs to be high. Thankfully, exercise is known to impact self-esteem positively in people of all ages.

  • A review of 113 different studies was published in the Journal of Sports and Exercise Psychology showed that your self-esteem is likely to change for the better if you exercise regularly.
  • Plus if you regularly exercise you will feel better about yourself, either with your appearance or your self-esteem will improve.
  • It can help erase feelings of depression and is great for lowering anxiety and reducing stress.
  • Your sleep patterns will also improve.

Your outlook on life is always better when you feel good about yourself, and the chemical process already hardwired into your physical makeup ensures that you feel happy and energized after a workout.

If you knew that getting fit and losing weight would help your heart, lower your blood pressure and improve your strength and body tone would you start today? Now that you understand your body is chemically aligned to make you happier when you exercise, you have just one more great reason to start a regular fitness program.

If you tend to lose your calm or let your emotions control you often, then you should consider working out regularly. According to a study conducted by the Department of Psychology of the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, you can decrease emotional stress and increase emotional control just by exercising regularly.

If you already do any type of exercise, what do you do? Do you walk or swim? Play a sport or go to the gym? Please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear what you do to feel happy and how you boost your moods!

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About Jennifer Johnson

I suffered with social anxiety and stress for years. I discovered what my triggers were and learned to control them. Hopefully some of the natural anxiety relief techniques I have tried, will also be your solution.


  1. David Rivers says

    I can vouch for the importance of exercise. It’s especially important for agoraphobics. When Jennifer talks about eating well, sleeping well, and exercising well, the last one is crucial because it helps with the other two. If you get a great workout, you get hungry and you sleep better.

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Exactly David! This is one cycle that is good to get into…it is not a ‘vicious cycle’ or habit. Eat, sleep, exercise and be happy…a great routine to beat the moody blues and improve overall health at the same time.

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