Pros and Cons of Using Anti Anxiety Medications

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anti Anxiety Medications

You may be someone that suffers with anxiety badly and the first thing you need, is relief from the attacks and scariness of an impending one. You may be concerned about the pros and cons of taking anxiety medications, prescription or otherwise.

Anxiety Prescription Medications

Anxiety Prescription Medications

People nowadays are leading very hectic lifestyles — working 10-12 hours a day, raising a family, and sometimes even going to school to earn a second degree during the night.

With all these activities, it’s not surprising that so many people are now succumbing to mental and emotional problems like stress, depression and anxiety.

As a result, anti anxiety medications are selling like pancakes in pharmacies all over the world and prescriptions are written daily, because that is how doctor’s can easily help you.

They may be quite effective in stress relief, but they are not a total treatment for different types of anxiety disorders but there are also some negative side effects from them that you should know about.

What Are The Advantages?

The first reaction you might exhibit upon taking some anti anxiety medications is the immediate feeling of relaxation. Oftentimes, this positive effect can be felt in as short as a few minutes after taking the drugs.

In addition to making you feel more relaxed, anti anxiety drugs will also help you sleep more peacefully at night despite being very stressed out during the day. They will also help you keep your emotions in check and avoid sudden bursts of frustration or anger. Ultimately, they will enable you to perform your daily chores more efficiently and boost your overall production, both at work and at home.

What Are The Disadvantages?

Without question, anti anxiety medications can help improve many people’s quality of life, especially if their disorder is acute. However, you should also be aware of the possible negative consequences of taking these drugs. For example, many anti anxiety drugs are extremely addictive, not just a little bit habit-forming.

In other words, you might find yourself becoming more and more dependent on the drug over time, and unable to function properly without it. The risk of drug dependency is even higher because most anti anxiety medications only have short-term effects. Once they wear off, you will want to use them again and again.

Furthermore, the drugs may seem to lose their effect on you eventually, because of this, you may look for a more powerful drug, or switch to a different brand with higher potency. The problem is that stronger drugs will come with stronger negative side effects and instead of giving you a better life, they may actually give you more problems.

Therefore there are advantages in taking anti anxiety treatments for those with acute anxiety disorders, but also disadvantages because of the unwanted, addictive, habit forming side effects.

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