Why Choose Dopamine Supplements As Antidepressants?

Dopamine Supplements and Boosting Your Dopamine Levels

Have you heard that if your dopamine levels are low you can suffer with anxiety and depression? Maybe you haven’t. This is where, if your levels are low, dopamine supplements may give you the boost you need to get you over the moody blues. Now, you might be wondering how could anything natural really help you feel better at all!

Dopamine – The Pleasure Chemical

Before you begin to wonder what a dopamine or depression supplement can do for you, you need to know what this hormone does in your body.

It is a chemical that is released by the brain that can increase your overall feeling of happiness and well being.

It is known as the “pleasure chemical”. When you produce enough, you will feel better balanced and happier overall.

As an added bonus, this wonderful little hormone can help to fight the aging process and make you feel younger than you have in a long time.

Sometimes, we don’t make enough dopamine. This can cause us to feel anxious and depressed and over time when you don’t produce enough, you might begin to really suffer from depression and anxiety problems that you cannot combat on your own.

You can certainly help yourself through eating a healthy diet and eating the right mood foods.

Why Choose Natural Supplements?

If you talk to your doctor about depression and anxiety problems, he will quite possibly prescribe you a medication which simulates and stimulates dopamine in the body. The problem with these prescriptions is that they can leave you feeling “foggy” or “out of it”.

In addition to these side effects, it can take up to 12 weeks for these medications to be fully effective. I understand some people do require medications, but its nice to know there are natural options to at least try first. Plus, we all know the long term side effects and addiction to anxiety medications.

When you use a natural supplement, that can boost your dopamine levels, you will actually be stimulating the body to make more of this chemical on its own.

A natural dopamine supplement can be taken daily without side effects, compared to prescription medications that have too many side effects to list.

We all know how nice it is to wake up without feeling anxious or depressed. No more tears and unnecessary worries to bring you down, because your body is making all the dopamine you need to stay on a ‘normal’ happy level and feel in control with life’s day to day stress.

If you are struggling with depression and anxiety, it might be time for you to consider a natural dopamine supplement or a look at how you can boost your dopamine levels with more exercise and eating the right foods etc to ease your symptoms and start feeling happy again.


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#2 Dopamine is also a neurohormone released by the hypothalamus. Its main function as a hormone is to inhibit the release of prolactin from the anterior lobe of the pituitary. #2 – Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dopamine

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  1. I have used Provanax ages ago. I don’t know why I stopped taking it. I suppose I felt better. Anyway, I always wondered about dopamine and serotonin supplements, which is how I got here…so let me get this straight…we make it, just sometimes some of us don’t make enough…like me.

    • Hi Lance,

      Vitamins and supplements are only helpful when they are lacking in your body and if your dopamine levels are low then you can benefit from a dopamine supplement. For example, Provanax:

      * Increases your dopamine levels
      * Optimizes your serotonin levels
      * Reduces your cortisol levels and
      * Improves your sleep

      If you were using it before and felt better, then you were obviously lacking something in the first place. You just needed an added boost, which is what all supplements and medications aim to do.

  2. So, what is “natural” about what’s in Provanax, as opposed to synthetic SSRI pharma’s, for example? What, exactly, is meant by the use of the word ‘natural’?

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Kay,

      I took this off the official website: “ProVanax ingredients are all-natural, organic herbal extracts, minerals and amino’s. The clinically proven ingredients and proprietary formula is based on 63 years of scientific research (not made-up marketing hype).”

      They are natural ‘ingredients’ whereas the synthetic SSRI pharmaceutical drugs are not…they are synthetic chemicals.

      You can read more about the ingredients here: https://anxietyreliefstress.com/provanax-review-anxiety-and-panic-attack-treatment/

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