Treating Stress and Anxiety

Effective Ways of Treating Stress and Anxiety

Many people are looking for effective ways for treating stress and anxiety.  Hectic schedules can definitely take its toll on a person’s emotional and mental health, causing stress and anxiety levels to shoot up dramatically.

Treating Stress and Anxiety

Treating Stress and Anxiety

The first step in treating stress and anxiety is to make positive changes to your lifestyle. There are also self help programs that can be very beneficial. You can use medications and other band-aid solutions but these will just dull the symptoms and your stress and anxiety will still be there waiting in the wings.

In order to get real results, you should alter your lifestyle and make healthier choices like eating nutritious food instead of the usual fast food takeouts, and getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night.

There is no single best treatment to use for eliminating stress and anxiety because each case and each individual is different. Plus, one usually causes the other, they are inter-linked so to speak.

To find out which treatment would work best for you, it is recommended that you consult with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

However, in all cases, therapy and counseling with a professional really helps in treating stress and anxiety. During these sessions, the root of the problem is uncovered and the individual becomes more capable of handling their stress and anxiety symptoms.

For more severe cases, advanced forms of treatment would have to be used. In fact, a lot of people have been admitted to a hospital because the symptoms of their disorders are so intense that they are very similar to signs of a heart attack.

What’s difficult about treating stress and anxiety is that people respond very differently to various treatment methods. Therefore, some amount of trial and error may have to be undergone before the most effective treatment can be determined. Sometimes it also depends on the individual’s willingness to get better. If the person doesn’t want to be treated or doesn’t even accept that they have a problem, then treating them will really be very difficult.

In addition to knowing which treatment methods work best, it also pays to understand the signs and causes of stress and anxiety. Such knowledge can be crucial in preventing these disorders from occurring at all. Plus there are natural remedies for treating anxiety and stress…thank goodness.

3 Tips to Relax and Lower Stress and Anxiety Levels

There’s no question that  anxiety and stress causes serious problems and dis-ease. It’s been directly linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, plus it also negatively affects your immune system and can make you feel grumpy, tired, and unhappy.

How you handle stress is completely within your control. When you’re feeling stressed you can let your emotions take over, or you can take steps to instantly relax and decrease your stress and anxiety.

  • Take Deep Breaths

The first step to any relaxation exercise is to relax! Begin to learn the signals your body sends when it experiences stress.

  • Does your heart rate increase?
  • Do you feel your fists clench or your brow furrow?
  • Do you grumble to yourself or begin pacing?
  • Does your mind race with negative thoughts, worries, or doubts?

When you begin to experience signs of stress and feel anxious, one of the easiest steps to take is to stop everything and take four to ten deep cleansing breaths. Each breath lasts for a 12 count. Count to four in the inhalation and try to breathe in through your nose. Hold your breath for four counts and then exhale through your mouth for four counts.

Repeat until you feel the stress signs disappear and you feel more calm and in control of your emotions.

  • Self-Massage

Massage and the power of touch have been shown to release anti-stress hormones. These hormones actually create a feeling of calmness throughout your body and help you manage stress and anxiety levels. Of course a professional massage isn’t an option for everyone. It’s not always convenient.

You can receive much of the same benefit by learning a few self-massage techniques. By massaging your hands, neck, temples, head, and even your feet can experience instant relaxation.

Acupressure and reflexology are other means of using self-touch to help reduce stress and improve wellness

Learning to identify your symptoms and self-treating with natural techniques, can help you reduce your reaction. You’ll feel an immediate benefit and a better sense of well-being. You’ll also improve your long term health and reduce your risk of stress related conditions.

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