Anxiety Attacks – Answers To Some Basic Questions

When you have an anxiety attack, it can be a very frightening experience. There are some things which you need to know that can help you to get through it more easily and find that you can actually function and deal with these episodes more easily than you had previously thought. When you struggle with this type of situation, it’s frustrating, but you can get through it when you know what you’re working with.

What Are The Anxiety Attack Symptoms and Why Am I Suffering From This?

Symptoms of anxiety attacks can range from sweaty palms, racing heart, extreme fear and paranoia, shaking, difficulty breathing and extreme shaking. This can last anywhere from a second or two to a half hour.

Then next thing that you should know is that your anxiety attack is a result of a stress overload. What happens when this happens is that as your body responds to stress, it releases adrenaline. Clinically, it is thought that too much adrenaline can cause your body to have an inability to slow down and this can cause you to essentially overdose on adrenaline. When this happens, you can wind up feeling the symptoms of a panic attack.

How Can I Deal With Attacks?

The problem for many people who suffer from anxiety attacks is that these episodes are so frightening, that they wonder if there is any anxiety treatment available. You might not know when it will strike and it’s unlikely that you’ll know what to do if it does. Many people just struggle to get through the episodes but you should know that you can do a few things to make this problem, less of a problem for you.

  • Get regular exercise and sleep. The extra exercise will help you to release the adrenaline that might be building up in your body and this can help you to feel better and a body that is not tired is more able to deal with stressful events.
  • Write in a journal or seek therapy. Journal writing can help you to put your worries down on paper so that it is easier to deal with. When you have these down on paper, you can see them for what they are and deal with them as they come.
  • Know that if you suffer from an anxiety attack, you will be just fine. You will survive this incident and come out okay, so keep this in mind and tell yourself that one of these episodes won’t hurt you and you will be fine.
  • Practice deep breathing and meditation to help you stay calm any time and diffuse any stress you might be feeling immediately. This can help you to keep your focus and feel stress free even during a crisis.
  • Try to pinpoint when your anxiety started and see if there are any circumstances surrounding your anxiety attacks. Sometimes, when you can find the triggers to an anxiety attack, you can actually avoid having one just by knowing it’s on it’s way.

If you’re struggling with anxiety attacks, there are things which you can do to help you better deal with them and get through this time in your life, but that means that you need to educate and inform yourself about the anxiety attacks you are suffering.

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