What Is Manic Depression?

It’s a term that most of us have heard a few times in their life but few people can really give an answer to the question, what is manic depression? Basically, manic depression is a mental disorder where an individual experiences extreme mood swings, if you will, that fluctuate between mania and depression. These fluctuations may happen several times a day, sometimes within just a few minutes. In the more severe cases, the person suffering from manic depression will be unable to function properly in their daily life due to this condition.

Common Causes of Manic Depression

In trying to understand what is manic depression and what the possible cures are, it is crucial that you first trace the cause of the particular condition. Although doctors are still uncertain as to what particular factor triggers this disorder, most cases have been determined to be hereditary in nature.

Other common causes are environmental factors, particularly traumatic issues that the individual may have had to deal with as a child. In fact, most people who are trying to determine what is manic depression and where they may have gotten it end up uncovering long-forgotten events in their lives that are actually causing this mental disorder.

Symptoms of Manic Depression

Another important step in learning about what is manic depression is to familiarize yourself with the different symptoms of the disorder. Typically, a person with this condition would suddenly appear to be hyperactive and overly enthusiastic and become completely depressed just a few minutes afterwards. During the early stages of this condition, the symptoms will not be that noticeable but they will gradually become more apparent as the disorder worsens.

Popular Remedies for Manic Depression Treatment

Although it is important to know about the causes and symptoms of this disorder, what most people really want to know is what is manic depression treatment and how can they be cured of this condition? Fortunately, there are some very effective ways of recovering from manic depression, one of which is to undergo regular sessions with professional therapists or psychiatrists. Oftentimes, the psychiatrists will recommend certain medications to take as well in order to speed up the rehabilitation process.

For people who don’t particularly like using medication, there are also alternative treatments to manic depression and anxiety, like the use of herbal preparations that are able to stabilize one’s mood and ultimately minimize the risk of going into both a manic or depressive state.

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