What is a Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Most people have heard of a generalized anxiety disorder before, and it is actually one of the most commonly experienced anxiety disorders in the world. This is an anxiety disorder which is mainly characterized by chronic feelings of anxiety and an exaggerated worry and tension. People who suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder will typically go through the day filled with unexplainable worry and tension, even though there most likely is nothing at all to be worried about.


There are certain symptoms that often present themselves with a generalized anxiety disorder, and this includes fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, muscle aches, difficulty swallowing, trembling, itching, twitching, irritability, and hot flashes.

It is pretty extreme the severity of the symptoms that people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder have to deal with and the worst part of all is that they have no idea how to control them, even though they are aware that their feelings are irrational.


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Treatment is crucial for people who suffer from any type of anxiety disorder, and there are several different options that are available to have panic and anxiety gone. The first step is going to be getting assessed and diagnosed by a trained and experienced medical professional. A physician will be able to determine whether the symptoms that you are experiencing are due to an anxiety disorder or another medical condition.

If it turns out that you are in fact suffering from an anxiety disorder, the first thing your doctor will likely recommend is that you speak to a mental health professional. You need to be open and honest with this person so that you can work together with them as a team and work towards creating the best and most effective possible treatment plan.

Cognitive-behavior therapy is often effective at treating a generalized anxiety disorder, but depending on the severity of your condition it may be suggested that you use medication or medication in conjunction with this therapy.

Remember that once you start taking a medication you mustn’t stop taking it abruptly, because this will cause your body to go through withdrawal which can result in serious health conditions. It also may end up making the anxiety even worse, so be cautious and sensible when you start on any medication.

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