Stress Relief – Reducing Stress with Essential Oils

Reducing stress with essential oils, is another natural stress relief technique, and one of the most used choices of these wonderful oils. Aromatherapy for stress relief has helped many people relieve their everyday stress.

Reduce Stress Using Essential Oils

Stress leads to tension and too much tension can lead to depression, fatigue and reduced immunity, so it’s important for you to lean ways that you can help to ease your anxiety and stress.

Ways to Reduce Stress Using Essential Oils

Here are just a few ideas for you to get started in using essential oils for reducing stress.

  • Massage with Basil Essential Oil

Many people choose to use essential oils in combination with massage to help ease tense muscles and provide an overall feeling of well being. Consider using basil essential oil to help calm the mind and give you more of a sense of strength and emotional stability. This particular essential oil is also said to be cleansing to the mind which will allow you to think more clearly.

When using essential oils for a massage, it’s important to use them in conjunction with a base oil of vitamin E or sweet almond oil in order to ensure that you don’t have any adverse reactions due to the potency of the essential oil being used. Essential oils can be hard on the skin by over drying or causing reactions because their properties are so potent, so whenever you are using them on your skin, you need to make sure to combine them with deep moisturizing oils which will offer your skin the soothing glow you also seek.

  • Add Lavender Essential Oil to Your Bath

Many people choose to add essential oils to a warm relaxing bath to help lift their spirits and ease their stress and anxiety. This is especially helpful if you are looking for something to help you get to sleep.

One of the more commonly used oils for this purpose is lavender essential oil, which helps you relax so that you can get to sleep more easily. You might choose to go with a lavender vanilla combination, which smells delightful and can help to ease you into a deep relaxed feeling.

The added benefit of this usage of essential oil is that as your body cools from the warm bath, you will become sleepy and feel ready to have a rejuvenating rest.

  • Add Geranium Essential Oil to Pulse Points

We all feel stress throughout the day and this is where aromatherapy essential oils can really come in handy for you. Consider using an essential oil such as geranium dabbed on the temples and at the pulse points on the neck to help ease your stress and anxiety and help you to feel more calm and able to take on your day.

You can mix a few drops of geranium essential oil with some almond oil and carry it with you and just dab it on as you need it. It can help to soothe everything from headaches and tension to a stomach ache.

If you choose to use essential oil aromatherapy in an effort to provide stress relief, it particularly works well when used in conjunction with other therapies. So, if you are working at reducing stress using essential oils, now you can get started! Choose a few oils, ask your partner for a massage or take a relaxing bath and put your stress behind you.

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