Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms and Treatments

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Signs, Symptoms and Relief

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a form of obsession-related anxiety disorders wherein patients suffer from intrusive thoughts that make them feel scared, uneasy and paranoid.

Obsessive compulsive behaviors like frequent hand washing and bathing, hoarding, grooming and other compulsions are some of the signs and symptoms associated with this anxiety disorder. (Types of OCD Spectrum Disorders)

OCD Rituals

Their fear and intrusive thoughts lessen or disappear when they do these compulsive actions but becomes a repetitive cycle.

When a certain task in their ritual is in any way hindered, it can often lead to aggressive behaviors or they can become extremely upset as thoughts and fears enter their minds.

Sometimes they can’t perform tasks without finishing their ritual.

These rituals are usually time-consuming, as the task is often repeated over and over and consequently these behaviors can make other people around them alienated and disturbed by what they are witnessing.

OCD patients usually recognize their repetitive behaviors as irrational but unfortunately they can’t find a way to control it. Some people are caused even more anxiety and depression by their own actions as they know they are annoying others and get angry and upset at themselves. Therefore this leads to further emotional distress and paranoia.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Signs and Symptoms

OCD is divided into two categories – obsession and compulsion (although their are different types.)

  • Obsession

Obsessive symptoms are usually manifested because of fear. People with OCD tend to obsess in doing compulsions as an attempt to remove their fear. Some of these fears are fears of being rejected, embarrassed and acting in a manner that is socially unacceptable.

Many OCD sufferers have a fear of germs and contamination that leads to excessive hand washing and bathing. They may fear mess and disorganization which leads to a compulsive and obsessive need for order, symmetry and tidiness.

They fear making mistakes and they worry about what others may think of them if they do make mistakes. Despite the fact that most people with OCD have above average IQ, they have a tendency to doubt themselves and always need reassurance. This reassurance from others can drive friends and family away…which causes them to worry even more about being rejected.

To avoid such obsession due to fear, cyclic compulsions and rituals develop.

  • Compulsion

The most common compulsion manifested by almost all OCD patients is the frequent washing and grooming. Their fear of germs or being contaminated with diseases may compel them to refuse being in close contact with people, for example people showing signs of illness and shaking or holding hands with other people.

They constantly arrange things in a specific order and always check their location and position. They need to repeat doing certain tasks before jumping to another like closing doors 5 times or switching the light 10 times before going out. When they encounter a strange idea or circumstance, they can’t stop thinking about it…and they can’t even sleep without finding a way to approach it.

They may also be extreme hoarders. A friend of mine has to stack the same style boxes on top of one another until they reach the ceiling. She knows it is not considered normal (and I have her permission to write this) but she cannot stop doing it. She also cannot drink her cup of coffee unless it is made with the same spoon…her special coffee spoon. I never make her one with a different one…because she knows! (Thank you sweetie for letting me write this.)

Natural Treatments For OCD

Is it possible to treat obsessive compulsive disorder naturally? I don’t know if it would work for all…but I do know you can ease the symptoms, or at least the symptoms of anxiety and stress associated with this disorder. If an OCD treatment for children is required, then a natural solution is probably a preferred one.

Therefore, the first step in treating obsessive compulsive disorder is to manage the anxiety. Therapies coupled with natural OCD medicines could greatly help provide patients with relief.

Here are a few natural solutions to help manage OCD.

  • Herbal Teas – There are herbal teas and green tea for calming and soothing anxious thoughts. Green tea contains an amino acid that helps a person relax by decreasing anxiety levels. Many herbal teas help lower stress and anxiety levels.
  • Avoid Caffeine and Soft Drinks – Drinks rich in caffeine like coffee and sodas have components that cause hyperactivity. These should be avoided since it will worsen brain hyperactivity and OCD symptoms.
  • Vitamin B – Studies show that the ‘neurons’ of patients with OCD lacks nourishment or were impaired. B-complex vitamins help repair these neurons since their target sites are nerve endings.
  • Valerian – Valerian root has anti-anxiety benefits and promotes natural sleep. Nature’s solution to Valium.
  • Compulsin – A homeopathic natural medicine for OCD symptom relief.

There are many other natural anxiety relief methods to manage anxiety signs and symptoms…but these are a few natural OCD symptom relief solutions you can certainly try to begin with.

Herbal medications are certainly worth a try, don’t you think? Your doctor may have to prescribe medication for you but why not consider all natural treatments first and use traditional methods when all other modes of treatment have failed.

Constant support and assurance of family members and friends will still be the best way to manage OCD. If you know someone with an obsessive compulsive disorder, give them all the love and understanding you can. It will be one less worry for them if you show them understanding and love and one less ritual they will have to perform to try and solve a problem that may not even exist.

Do you know someone with OCD? Or do you have obsessive compulsive disorder signs and symptoms? Talk to me in the comments below…


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About Jennifer Johnson

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  1. Nicole Duron says

    Hi there Jennifer,

    I’m a 23 year old girl based in the UK..I have been looking online for a site like yours..where questions and comments are appreciated. After reading your article about OCD and the symptoms and treatments..I wanted to ask..how would you advice someone to distinguish themselves between being very clean or having OCD? I like to clean a lot..but I wouldn’t say I’m obsessive compulsive..just a perfectionist? x x x

    • Hi Nicole,

      I understand your question perfectly and it is one that many people wonder.

      Like you, I too am a perfectionist and people have joked about me having OCD as I certainly exhibit obsessive compulsive behaviors.

      Ask yourself this…do you want to wash your hands and make them clean and once they are washed you feel clean…or…when you wash your hands, you have to wash them again…and again…just to make sure you have gotten all the germs and dirt off, but you still feel like you have to do it again…just in case there are still germs!

      See the difference? People diagnosed with OCD have rituals they cannot break. In many cases they know they don’t need to…but they have to. They cannot ‘not’ do the action or they will feel severe anxiety.

      So from what you have said, it sounds like you are just a perfectionist who likes to keep a clean home…me too…but if you ever feel worried like it is more than that, go and see someone that can give you professional advice.

      Just remember, a perfectionist doesn’t go through a task with rituals.

      I hope that has helped Nicole. Please ask me more questions if you have any.

  2. Nicole Duron says

    OH MY GOD! I am so happy that you responded to me. The thing I love about your site if I may say so..is that your so open..it’s so easy to join..and you all have dedicated researched articles. For people like me who are reading into anxiety, OCD and other symptoms sometimes the internet can be something that makes you OCD..in the mind!

    I really appreciate your fast response..and well I would put it this way..I like to wash my hands twice..never more, just because sometimes I think perhaps some dirt areas didn’t get reached.

    I can’t sleep in my room if it’s dirty because am paranoid about moving and space and it just all builds up as thoughts in my head..people say to me it’s normal because am a girl,and girls are clean..but as a university student in the UK..I feel like some girls are just tramps!

    Thank you so much…

    • Hi Nicole,

      What a lovely thing to say! Of course I will always respond and answer your questions!

      Of course I cannot diagnose you and I am not a doctor…but I do have OCD tendencies…and you sound a little like me.

      I wash my hands once, but I do it well and I can’t help but wonder if they are scrupulously clean! I deliberately don’t wash them again…but someone with OCD may wash them over and over.

      What I do…and it may help you determine if you have OCD or are just a lovely clean, tidy girl, is to ‘watch’ yourself. The next time you wash your hands, just do it once. If you ”just” can’t…and you have to go through the hand washing ritual again…well…just try once and see what happens!

  3. nicole duron says

    AWWW Jennifer thanks so much for your post back! Your such a kind good samaritan. Yeah I think the internet can make you over read into these symptons, but that is one of the things I like about your website..it really breaks it down so it’s easy..not medical garbage or confusion or stupid spammy posts from people that confuse you. It’s real relatable stuff.
    I think your right I’ll watch myself..Thanks again!!

  4. I need some relief from my OCD Jennifer… Can you consider making a chat room on this website? I would love that soo much and also keep the one on facebook? I think this would help me a lot Jennifer !

  5. Hi Jennifer…. It has been a rough week for me …. I had a bad mirgriane and since my anxiety and ocd have been up, so has my blood pressure! My counsler told me it might be from my severe anxiety issues why it might be high… I am going to the dr tomorrow to address it . I am scared though… Also in school the nurse has been montioring it.. and its still high. This past couple of nights I been having heart papalations 🙁

    • Hi Lauren…the first thing is to take a deep breathe and just relax. You sound very distressed…just be calm and do these few things for me. I am very glad I was here when your comment came in!

      Now…I know you play your music and it relaxes you and I know you have tried the breathing techniques. So play some nice soft, slow music and breath nice and deeply.

      We have to get you stop feeling so stressed first.

      You could even watch this video and do what the girl shows you to do here…are you ready?

      Here is the video I want you to watch and do the technique!

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