How Do I Know I Have An Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a part of life for everyone. But how is an anxiety disorder different from normal anxiety? That’s the question many people ask. There are three important facts about anxiety.

First, it’s only a disorder if the attacks last a long time – well past any event that could have triggered anxiety. Second, a disorder can lead to a phobia such as agoraphobia. Third, a disorder involves having intense attacks of anxiety.

Some anxiety is very normal. Many people may experience ‘test anxiety at school. You may get anxious when you have to perform in public or are worried about something you have to do. The difference between this kind of anxiety and an anxiety disorder is that the anxiety in a disorder lasts long after any trigger event.

The anxiety can even occur at just the thought of doing something such as flying in a plane or driving your car. So if you are feeling anxious for no apparent reason, or feel anxious long before or after a particular event, you probably have an anxiety disorder.

There’s No Reason For My Anxiety

Most of the time, you probably think of anxiety as being related to something specific like a particular fear or event. But anxiety can be generalized too. In other words, there may not be a panic attack at the thought of leaving the house. But there might be anxiety that persists through everything no matter what you do. That’s what the doctors call generalized anxiety disorder or GAD.

Diagnosing generalized anxiety can be difficult. You can’t point to some act or thought in particular and say it makes you anxious. You probably can’t claim panic attacks or phobias either. That’s because there’s no one thing making you worry. You worry about the finances and your kids and your health, but you worry about them all the same and at the same time. The result is you worry a lot and it drags you down mentally and physically. You want to identify generalized anxiety disorder as early as possible because it can lead to depression.

If you find you experience a case of anxiety, once in a while, then that is perfectly normal. If you find you are feeling anxious too often for your liking, or what you would consider ‘normal’ for most, then it would be worth your while to check with your health care professional.

It is treatable, through natural means or otherwise, so there is no need to add more worry, by worrying about it. You can find help if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

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