Can You Be Anxiety Free In Two Years?

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I have started a support group on Facebook (and for anyone interested I’ll give the details in a minute…) and in our ‘anxiety relief group’ somebody asked me this question. I would also like to add that the group is a private group and so I asked for permission to share this question with you and someone’s wonderful answer too. So here is the question:

Member Question: “I was wondering if you had any suggestions on foods or techniques that help you. I started taking Klonipin at least once every other day, but wondered if you could give any natural suggestions. If you have time send me your thoughts.”

Anxiety Support Group

Anxiety Support Group

Now before I had a chance to answer, someone else in the group had these excellent tips. I think you will love them…especially as she hasn’t had anxiety for the last two years!

Member Response: I use relaxation CDs, breathing exercises, sipping on ice cold water, reminding myself that it is only anxiety and that it will pass and that it has never harmed me and will not harm me now! I take Klonopin which really helps, and metoprolol which is a beta-blocker to keep my pulse and blood pressure under control during attacks, and the beta blocker also helps with anxiety.

I also use the iPhone apps: Anxiety Connect, Panic Talk Down, Panic Attack Aid., Panic Control and Panic Eliminator, Instant Heart Rate, Tactical Breather, Anti-Stress, and many others.

Also making and listening to my own panic attack talk down recordings on my Iphone and listening to them when I am having a panic attack. I also find that listening to music, playing games, or listening to a guided relaxation on my Iphone or Ipod a helpful distraction.

Put a few drops of lavender on your hand and rub your hands together, cup your hand and breath into your cupped hands, the lavender is very calming and relaxing. About 4 drops of passion flower extract under my tongue also helps with panic and anxiety. The homeopathic remedy arsenicum album, a few tablets under your tongue, helps with anxiety, panic, fear, palpitations, etc.; Aconite is another good homeopathic remedy of choice if your anxiety is the result of a sudden fright. (This is another natural anxiety supplement.)

If I have not eaten much and my blood sugar is too low, I will try to eat something or you could also keep some glucose tablets around. I have noticed when by blood sugar gets too low I am more prone to panic attacks.

I also keep a bottle of unflavored Pedialyte in my refrigerator. Having my electrolytes out of balance is another thing that causes my heart rate to go crazy along with a bad panic attack. Sipping on some ice cold pedialyte is almost like giving myself an IV, and it really does help. So the first thing I do when scary symptoms set in is chug a few bottles of gatoraid or pedialyte. I use unflavored Pedialyte because I suffer from heartburn so I try to stay away from anything fruit flavored. Helps me a lot! Hormonal imbalance, MVP, and thyroid problems can also be causes of anxiety and panic attacks.

Drinking ice cold water and splashing my face with cold water also helps me. Sometimes it will help to get some fresh air, stand under a fan, or turn up the air conditioner.

Herbal Teas and Foods

Sometimes sipping on some calming herbal tea, like Chamomile tea and listening to some relaxing music helps. Sometimes eating a banana can help calm me down. If you want to try a quick fix grab a banana. Bananas are the good mood superfood, containing tryptophan and magnesium for a mood boost coupled with high carbohydrates for energy.

I eat healthy and drink a lot of water. I suffer with heartburn, lots of allergies and sensitivities which all can trigger panic attacks. I am sensitive to orange juice, cranberry juice, certain berries, coffee, pizza, any high acid foods or drinks, caffeine, most high acid foods and drinks, alcohol, and others that I can’t think of right now. Sometimes it is just too much of a food or drink I am sensitive to, or a combination of foods or drinks I am sensitive to in the same day. These will set off symptoms in me sometimes right away, and sometimes hours later (delayed reaction). Sulfites, MSG, artificial sweeteners and other food additives can all cause reactions to sensitive people.

(Note: You may be interested in my article here: ‘Does Your Diet Cause You Stress and Anxiety?‘)

I also cannot take any cold medicines as they cause me to have anxiety and panic attacks. A lot of cleaning products like bleach and some air fresheners will cause me to have anxiety. Some perfumes and cosmetics will also set me off. I am also very sensitive to second hand smoke. Stress is another big factor in my panic attacks and anxiety.

Just remember that it could be anything that you drink, eat, consume, breathe in, or touches your skin (because anything that touches your skin can absorb into your bloodstream. Any of these can cause you to have a reaction which can cause anxiety and panic attacks, and the reaction can be right away or delayed by hours or even by several days later.

Keeping A Journal

I suggest keeping a journal of everything from, foods, drinks, chemical exposure, medicines, stressful situations, hormonal changes and even the weather (feeling over heated can make me feel anxious), as any of these could be triggers. Eating healthy and getting enough sleep also helps. Lack of sleep can cause anxiety and panic. I use a large 3 ring binder filled with paper as a journal. You can look back later and see if you can see a connection between any of these and your anxiety and panic attacks.

It also helps to get on this support board and talk to others who understand what you are going through! I think it helps to read positive uplifting books, and to listen to music. Prayer is something else that can be helpful!

I also take a multivitamin along with extra vitamin B, fish oil, vitamin D3, Magnesium, calcium, C, and E, lack of certain vitamins and minerals can trigger attacks. Exercise always makes me feel better! Watching something funny on TV or a DVD, or watching a funny or inspirational video is also helpful!

I have been reading the original version of “The Feeling Good Handbook” by David Burns, it is the 1989/1990 version, and I am finding the advice in this book helpful! I heard that the newer version it not the same. Other books I find helpful are:

  • “The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook: A Step-by-Step Program for Curing Yourself of Extreme Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Phobias”
  • “Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick”, “Health Journeys Guided Meditations For Help With Panic Attacks”
  • “Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being (Web Enhanced with CD-ROM)”

I also just recently got “The Linden Method” I have already found some helpful advice in the manual that goes with the program, and the “Panic Attack Eliminator CD” that comes with the program seems helpful.

I figure if I get any help or relief from any of these it will be worth it! ”

Anxiety Since 1988

After a little more chatting on Facebook the group member also added this:

“I have lived with anxiety and panic attacks since 1988, and I had to find something that worked for me, so I spent years finding what would work for me, it was for my own mental survival, panic attacks were driving me crazy! I have not had a panic attack in two years this month, which is amazing to me since I had them at least every other day, sometimes more for all those years.

I use to call 911 several times a week, at least! And spent many hours in the ER, hospital stays, and doctor’s offices. I still get anxious from time to time, and still get symptoms and sensations once in awhile, nothing I can’t handle, but no panic in the past two years! I hope and pray it continues, but this has been the longest that I have been panic free since I started having attacks in 1988! And yes, you may use my words Jennifer! Hugs!”

Isn’t It Inspiring!

So there are some tips from someone who has overcome their anxiety for the last two years! I am so excited for her. There are a few things I don’t recommend, like the Gatorade, but I am so happy for her.

So do you have any techniques of your own you would like to share? I would love to hear them in the comments below…

Please note: I have closed the anxiety group…sorry…

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  1. Thank you for this article. Honestly, I would have liked to hear about actual foods and food groups that help fight against anxiety. My opinion is, that you shouldn’t get your blood sugar low in the first place, but rather keep it steady. That’s why avoiding excess amounts of carbs helps. I’ve kept my anxiety and panic attacks away with ketogenic diet for years (and I know many others as well who have done that). Even 12 years Prozac and occasional Valium couldn’t help me, but a proper diet did.

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Elviira,

      I agree about keeping healthy blood sugar levels and also a diet low in carbs. I haven’t written about foods in this article, but I do believe that what we eat either hinders or heals us, both emotionally and physically.

      I too follow a ketogenic diet and it helps me keep my anxiety and panic attacks away, so it is great to hear it does for you too.

      I have friends with severe anxiety and their psychologists have never mentioned following a healthy diet or asked them what they eat. It actually horrifies me that it has never been discussed…and their diets are horrendous.

      • Thank you for your reply. I’m so glad to hear you have similar thoughts. You are absolutely right, unfortunately doctors and psychologists don’t give proper advice when it comes to healthy eating and people with anxiety often have unhealthy eating habits. The only advice you might get from the health professionals related to eating is that eat-more-fruits-whole-grains-lean-meats BS which actually might worsen anxiety…

        • Jennifer Johnson says

          I suppose it is a hard line for many of them, the doctor’s that is, as so many people’s diets are dreadful that they probably think that any improvement is better than none at all.

          The problem I see is that if they ate some “fruits-whole-grains-lean-meats” type of diet, then it would probably be better than what they are currently doing. For people like you and I, (people that are aware of their diet) eating ‘more’ is not good.

          One girl in an anxiety group I started (which I closed for various reasons) would tell me her diet everyday and it was appalling. This young girl was a severe case. She has a psychologist and a psychiatrist helping her. She was proud if she had a ‘healthy apple pie from McDonalds’ instead of her regular pile of donuts.

          It didn’t matter what I said. I would advise her to speak to her doctors about the foods she should be eating (as I don’t have qualifications) but nothing changed.

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