Special Poem By A Special Friend

A Special Friend Sent Me This Poem

It would be lovely if everyone treated everyone else how they would like to be treated…but we know they don’t.  People become a victim of bullying if they appear to be different or if they appear weaker than others….emotionally and physically. There would certainly be a lot less social anxiety problems if everyone was kind in nature. Well I received a poem from a very special friend today. It made me sad to think that a young girl, with so much love in her heart and just wanting acceptance from others, has to suffer the cruelty and bullying of others.

Lauren's Autograph


I know it goes on and I have accepted my fair share of bullying over the years too. I immediately was reminded of my own mother’s life lessons to me as a young girl.

She taught me to say things to other people that I would like to hear in return and she taught me to treat others with love and respect.

Perhaps it would be a perfect world if everyone did those two simple actions every day…but unfortunately we know that it is not a perfect world.

Suffering from an anxiety disorder seems to open a door for others to feel as though they have the right to pass judgement on you.

After all they are ‘normal’ aren’t they?

Anyway, you read this beautiful poem for yourself…

A Special Ed Student

Just because I’m in Special Ed,
It doesn’t mean you have to turn your head.

Staring at my class and me,
To see if we are different as can be.

In the hall I hear a name,
Hurting my feelings.

Aren’t we the same?

I feel angry and I feel sad ,
When I get made fun of it makes me mad.

I want you all know we are all special in school,
If everyone got along that would be Cool!

She should win an award for that poem! Well you know what…she did! I am very proud of her! I also asked her if I could have her signature…because I wanted her autograph.

After reading this poem, it made me glad that I am not normal! I would rather be in a ‘Special Ed Class’ with people like this young lady than in a world full of people filled with ridicule, hatred and criticism. No wonder so many people (like myself) suffer with social anxiety and become the victims of bullies.

Please let this beautiful young lady know how special she is in the comments below!

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  1. You are SPECIAL… in a really wonderful, amazing, beautiful way…just like me, my husband and my little boys and all the best people in the world. Everyone who recognises their own and other peoples areas where whey need help or support…everyone who tries to treat other people in a way which will make them feel happy…. they are all special. The world needs more, more, more of us. Feel sorry for those who judge you…it’s their loss and them whos lives will be the poorer for focusing on superficial and shallow things.

  2. … as i readed this poem, i could imagine every sentence.. and i recognised what hidden treasures everyone carries… even in their worries..and i saw so much tenderness, kindness..a longing… to be one with others no matter what.. this kind of conation is the glue of mankind…thats the meaning of faith for me.. 🙂 thank you for those words..

  3. Lauren, is a very special girl. If everyone had a heart like hers our world would be so much better I’m glad we are friends! 🙂

  4. Carol Edwards says

    Lauren, I’m really proud of you! This is a lovely poem written from your heart. You are special, I’ve thought this since I got to know you on Facebook, and you deserve all the kindness and good thoughts you show to others. I’d love to see more of your poems… well done!

  5. Thank u everyone I really appericate everyone’s comments about my poem!!! 🙂 You made my day!!!!

  6. Thank u Jennifer for putting my poem on your website!

  7. Jennifer, I finally see your picture on here! Ur so beautiful!! I thought for some reason you would be a dark brown hair!!!

    • Isn’t it funny how we imagine people…I have always been too scared to show myself. You kept asking me what I looked like…so because of you, I have overcome a part of my own shyness. Thank you Lauren.

  8. How are u Jennifer? I am in the process of getting more tests done to see whats going on I might have Cushings syndrome……

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Lauren! I am going really well thank you. I hope you are too. You will have to come back here and tell me your results! 🙂

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