Vitamin B For Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Are You Vitamin B Deficient? Do You Suffer With Anxiety?

B vitamins are known to be beneficial for people who are suffering from anxiety, stress and depression. These B vitamins work hand in hand with several neurotransmitters in helping people achieve emotional balance and calmness.

The Role of B Vitamins

Anxiety and B Vitamins

According to studies, B vitamins help manage those neuro-toxic chemicals that are causing anxiety, stress and depression.

The ability of the body to respond to stress, anxiety and depression is dictated by the neurotransmitters called dopamine and serotonin and GABA.

These are the same neurotransmitters that help us regulate our anxiety levels. Besides these neurotransmitters, epinephrine, nonrepinephrine and cortisol are hormones produced by the adrenal glands that help regulate stress levels.

As we know too much exposure to stress can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression and B vitamins can help us cope with these symptoms. These B vitamins are needed for the production of serotonin, dopamine and several other neurotransmitters.

  • I used the above image because as soon as I am becoming vitamin B deficient I start to have sleepless nights and restless legs. I have been taking my vitamin B complex and these symptoms have gone. I also take magnesium without fail.

Causes of Vitamin B Deficiency

The causes of vitamin B deficiency may vary from one person to another. The most common causes include the following:

  • Physical, spiritual and emotional stress
  • Malnutrition, eating processed foods and refined sugar intake
  • Prescription drugs
  • Frequent exposure to toxins from personal care products and from the environment.
Vitamin B Deficiency

Do You Have A Vitamin B Deficiency?

Symptoms of Vitamin B Deficiency

These are just few of the many symptoms of a vitamin B deficiency. Some or any of these symptoms are common to people who are suffering from symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

A vitamin B deficiency can happen to anyone. You may not know that you have this particular deficiency because you will only experience mild symptoms in the beginning. If this vitamin deficiency becomes chronic other serious health problems may start to surface.

A person can be diagnosed with this kind of deficiency after undergoing blood tests to determine the red blood cell count and their levels of folic acid. A certified dietician or nutritionist will also prove to be of great help in treating people with a vitamin deficiency.

Foods Sources of B Vitamins

As always I love to provide you with a list of mood foods to eat. I take a B complex vitamin because I personally don’t like some of the foods listed below…but it’s nice to know you can also eat healthy nutritious foods to help with your anxiety levels. In order to achieve the right levels of vitamin B, why not add some of these foods (if you like them) to your daily diet.

  • Vitamin B1 – fortified cereals, white rice, pork, flours, pork
  • Vitamin B2 – beef liver, chicken, flax seeds, turkey, salmon
  • Vitamin B3 or Niacin – duck, turkey, beef liver, pork, venison, halibut
  • Vitamin B5 – beef liver, mushroom, sunflower seeds
  • Vitamin B6 – chickpeas, yellow fin tuna, potato, buckwheat flour, chestnuts
  • Vitamin B7 – egg yolks, organ meats, yeast, soybeans
  • Vitamin B8 or Inositol – wheat germ, brown rice, nuts, bananas
  • Vitamin B9 – chicken giblets, lentils, cowpeas, navy beans, spinach, okra
  • Vitamin B12 – Pollock, crab, herring, oysters, clams, trout, sardines and avocados.

So are there any foods there that you may like to add to your diet? Talk to me in the comments below…

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About Jennifer Johnson

I suffered with social anxiety and stress for years. I discovered what my triggers were and learned to control them. Hopefully some of the natural anxiety relief techniques I have tried, will also be your solution.


  1. Jennifer Johnson says

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  2. Hi Jennifer, I just read your article and I was wondering if there was a certain brand of vitamins and minerals I should be taking. I mean if I purchase them from like walmart or somewhere like that where its cheaper, do they still give the same benefits or should I go top of the line?

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Mae,

      That’s a great question! I personally have tried many different brands, both cheap and expensive over the years and I have also spoken to vitamin reps about shelf-life and potency etc.

      The main thing I have learned, is to look at the amount of mgs per tablet or capsule. Sometimes a bottle of vitamins is cheap but the mgs are so low, that you have to take more to equal another brand with a higher mg content.

      If you work out how many you have to take to equal another brand with higher mg content, you may be surprised at what is actually cheaper and what is more expensive.

      The other thing is the expiry date. The older they are the more chance of them becoming ineffective. Many brands are lucky to have a shelf-life of 12 months from date of manufacture.

      My true test, is if they make me feel good, then they must be working. If I don’t feel anything, I don’t buy that brand again.

      I hope that helps Mae…(and thank you so much for asking me here so that I can share my answer with others.)

      If I can help anymore, please just ask me! Jennifer

  3. Anita Sweigert says

    Can you take these if you are already taking a prescription for depression?


    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Anita, I would ask your doctor that is prescribing your prescription, or even your pharmacist. I am not a doctor… so I can not give that sort of advice. However, perhaps the phamphlet that comes with your prescription will provide the information on whether you can take vitamins or not. I’d love you to let me know!

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