Stress Relief Exercises Reduce Tension

Stress has become a normal part of everyday life, but it doesn’t have to take a physical toll on your body. With the help of stress relief exercises, you can release the tension that builds up in your body as a result of stress, and clear your mind of the anxieties and worries that tend to accompany our stressful lifestyles. Stress relief exercise is generally most effective when it is done every day, instead of waiting until the tension builds to an uncomfortable level. You can also vary the type of exercise that you do, in order to keep your routine interesting and make sure that every part of your body receives the full benefit of your exercise program.

The most effective stress relief exercise is probably regular aerobic activity. Aerobics will help the body to release a chemical substance called “endorphins” which act as a “feel good” chemical to the brain. This type of exercise comes in a variety of forms including walking, jogging, bicycling, and swimming. If you work out at the local gym, you will find numerous machines that you can use to meet your aerobic quota.

However, if you are mainly interested in stress relief exercise, keep in mind that a brisk walk in a beautiful outdoor setting might be more relaxing than sweating it out with the gym crowd. Sunshine has also been proven to be a mood lifter, so a warm sunny day can work wonders on a stressed out psyche.

Stretching and Strength Training

Although not as effective as aerobic training, stretching and strength training are important components for rounding out any exercise program. Stretching can be done anytime and anywhere, and can be a good way to warm up and cool down for aerobic exercise. Strength training has many benefits besides stress relief including full body toning, fat burning and muscle and bone strengthening. Strength training can be done with weights, resistance bands or equipment designed to work the various muscle groups of the body. Strength training should be performed every other day at the most, since your body needs time to rest between weight lifting sessions.

Mental Stress Relief  Exercise

Finally, mental stress relief exercise can include meditation, positive imaging and deep breathing exercises. These can be done at home as part of your exercise program, or from your desk chair during stressful office times. If you are looking to incorporate stress relief exercise for the mind, body and spirit, yoga is a great tool for exercising all three for maximum stress relief and overall health benefits. The important thing to remember about stress relief exercise is to get out there and start moving, because physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce tension and manage stress.

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