Anxiety Attack Remedy – What Can You Do?

There is no way to predict the when or where when it comes to anxiety or panic attacks. In fact, for sufferers, their biggest fear is that they may have one at any time. They may ask themselves what everyone would think if I had one right now. Would they assume your nuts? What if you fell to the floor shaking and had a hard time breathing? Would people simply walk away afraid to help you? Maybe you feel people would just walk away. These thoughts can consume you and make you feel even more stressed. Luckily for you, there is an anxiety attack remedy that may work for you.

First, it is necessary to discuss anxiety attacks. Think about how it feels to have one. For some, they may feel as if they are going to die from it. There are experts who advise that you rate your very first panic attack as a ten on a scale of one to ten and then rate subsequent attacks on that basis. This will help you adjust and monitor your levels of anxiety. Paying attention to the length of the episodes will also help you determine how you should rate each one. If you realize that no more panic attacks will be as frightening as the very first one, you can deal with the others better. This is an effective way of controlling how you view the attacks. By having this feeling of control, you are taking some power in how you actually handle it.

One important part of dealing with your anxiety attacks and applying an anxiety attack remedy is to keep in mind that you are not alone. Other people suffer along side you. Whenever that nervous feeling starts to overwhelm you in public, make a point of glancing around. You may feel it is painfully obvious to everyone that you are in the midst of a panic attack. However, look around and you will undoubtedly see that most people are in no way even looking at you. Try it on the subway or anywhere else these feelings may strike. You can find instant relief in seeing for yourself that your attack is not visible to anyone else around you. Discovering this fact will most likely make you feel a little bit better and a little less anxious. Simply tell yourself you’re fine even if you have an attack because no one around you is paying any attention.

The main essential tool to use to your advantage to apply an anxiety attack remedy is to keep one from happening at all. If you take the time to really know that any attack will never be as bad as the very first one you had, you are more likely to breathe easier. Instead of running from the idea that a debilitating attack is imminent, face it strongly and defiantly in the face. Tell yourself that fear of an attack will not cause you to fear facing and living your life. Realize the fear itself is not helping you and is a complete waste of energy if you indulge it.

The most impressive and workable anxiety attack remedy is giving yourself back the power to face it. In no way is it an easy task to stand up to what you fear most but you can do it. If you believe you are strong and can continue to be strong in the face of anxiety attacks, then you have found the best anxiety attack remedy.

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