What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?

Depression is a serious illness that can affect anyone. It may be a family member or even yourself. This is why it is important not to ignore or hide this mental health disorder. It is also very important to know what the symptoms of depression are, so you are aware of anyone around you having issues.

Symptoms of Depression

Each one of us has had, at some point, a depressing sad moment. Depression is a normal human reaction associated to a loss, the tumult of everyday life, or with an agitated personal life. Sometimes the sadness sensation passes but sometimes it doesn’t. It can become more persistent and it can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Getting help from your family, friends and more importantly your doctor, is not only normal, but advised. There are depression treatments available, including medications and therapy.

The First Signs of Depression

The first signs of depression start showing within two weeks of feeling sad and miserable for most people. People suffering from depression usually start by losing interest in day-to-day activities and some or most of the early depression signs mentioned below.

Changes in Behavior

Behavior is greatly affected when a person is depressed and this shows in his/her behavioral changes such as:

  • Withdrawal from close friends and family members.
  • Not stepping out of the house anymore.
  • Not paying attention to completing work at school/office.
  • Growing dependence on sedatives and alcohol.
  • Not being able to concentrate.
  • Not engaging in fun activities.

These are easily noticeable to friends and family members. In case someone in the family or friends circle is showing such behavioral changes immediate action must be taken in order to get the patient out of depression.

How Their Thoughts Are Affected

The following thoughts commonly occur in people suffering from depression:

  • They feel they are a total failure.
  • They feel they are at fault.
  • They feel that nothing good happens to them.
  • They feel worthless.
  • They feel that the people around them are better off without them.
  • They feel that life is not worth living.

These initial signs trigger depression and can lead the person into taking drastic steps, and they may even develop suicidal tendencies.

Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression are different for each individual, but some symptoms are common. One must note that such symptoms may vary from individual to individual and the prominence of the symptoms will depend on how deeply the person is affected by depression.

  • Change in Weight and Appetite

The person may gain or lose weight significantly and the will also show a dramatic change in appetite. The body weight will change by over 5 per cent within a month.

  • Change in Sleep Pattern

The person will either be oversleeping or will suffer from insomnia, especially staying awake till early morning.

  • Evident Anger

The person will also show symptoms of being agitated all the time, at times he/she may even be violent or restless. The person will have low tolerance level and short temper, and anything/anyone will get on his/her nerves.

  • Physical Fatigue

Depression may also cause the person to feel sluggish and drained out physically. The entire body will feel heavy with exhaustion in completing even small tasks.

  • Pain That Cannot Be Explained

The person will complain of pain in the back, headaches, muscular pain and pain in the stomach-none of which can be explained medically.

Depression Symptoms For Gender and Age

  • Women

When women are depressed they will show signs of feeling guilty, overeating, excessive sleep and weight gain. Women who are depressed also get affected by hormonal factors at the time of pregnancy, menstruation and menopause.

  • Men

When men are depressed they will not try to acknowledge hopelessness and self-loathing feelings. They will however, complain about physical problems like sleep issues, irritability, fatigue and losing interest in hobbies or work. Aggression, substance abuse and reckless behavior are common symptoms of depression in men.

  • Teenagers

When teenagers are depressed, agitation and irritability are most noticeable in teens. They don’t show symptoms of sadness. Teens may also complain about physical problems like stomach aches and headaches.

Common Symptoms of Depression

  • Sadness
  • Lack of energy or enthusiasm
  • Losing hope in life and others
  • Not finding the things that were once loved pleasant anymore
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Uncontrolled crying
  • Headaches, other types of inexplicable aches and itches
  • Needing to sleep a lot or on the contrary not getting any sleep at all
  • Losing appetite and losing weight at the same time, or gaining weight through emotional eating.

These are just some of the common symptoms of depression and if more of them are associated they are not to be ignored.

In Conclusion

If one or more signs or symptoms of depression are noticeable, it is best to support the person by talking to them and getting to the root of their problems. If that does not work, one should immediately opt for medical assistance before things get out of hand. If you feel you are suffering from depression it would be wise to consult your health care professional as soon as possible!

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