Natural Cures For Depression and Anxiety

A little self care is the best natural cure for depression and anxiety. Did you know that you can fight your depression and anxiety symptoms with your everyday habits?

Natural Cures for Depression and Anxiety

These are easy to use and even if you are taking prescription medications to help you deal with your condition, you can find yourself further along the road to recovery if you know what you should be doing right now to help yourself.

Change Your Lifestyle

When you are seeking relief from your symptoms, it is essential to first look at your lifestyle. You might find that you need to make some changes here that will help you to dramatically feel better.

Healthy Diet

For instance, sometimes your own body weight and the foods you eat play a major role in how happy you are, so why not switch to a healthy, natural diet that will offer you all kinds of really great nutritional benefits to help keep your brain and body strong and happy?

While there is no evidence that those hamburgers and hotdogs play any role in making a person depressed, there is ample evidence that eating healthy foods, or as I call them, ‘mood foods’, can lift you out of a state of depression. Foods containing folic acid (avocado and spinach) and omega-3 fatty acids (tuna or salmon) are good anti-depressants and regular consumption of these can help to a great extent in fighting depression.

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Exercise Regularly

While you’re at it, isn’t it time to take a walk and breathe in the fresh air?

Research shows that regular exercise can help to release endorphins, which can take away pain and make us feel happy and calm. So, even if you’re taking a quick walk, you’ll feel better. Plus, exercise encourages us to focus on nothing but our bodily movements for a while and this calming of the mind tends to have a therapeutic effect where problems seem to work out nicely.

Exercising for 15-20 minutes or going for a brisk walk for about half an hour will do wonders in improving your mood making you feel better. The reason behind this is the release of the hormone serotonin. This hormone gets released with increased flow of oxygen in the blood, which is an effect of the physical activities like walking or exercising.

Walking also helps in releasing oxytocin, which is the hormone released during lovemaking or bonding and is known to free the mind of worries and anxieties.

Think of exercise as a natural depression treatment.

Set Small Goals

A major impact of depression is the loss of confidence. People who are depressed may feel that they cannot accomplish anything in life and are nothing more than failures.

This negative self-image can be mitigated by taking on responsibilities and setting small goals which can be achieved. With these small accomplishments, the depressing thoughts will slowly fade away. Setting goals like doing the laundry or cooking a meal are good enough to begin with. As you start meeting these goals, confidence levels start building up again and you would find depression taking a back seat gradually.

Get Plenty of Sleep and Sunlight

When you are working to find a natural solution to ease your depression symptoms, you need to get plenty of quality sleep each night. Your overall exposure to sunlight, also plays a big role in how happy you are, so make sure you get your fair share of each, every day and every night.

Don’t worry, you can wear sunscreen, it’s just thought that being outside and seeing the light and having it touch your skin can help to deal with all types of anxiety and depression, so get out and play and then get to bed early.

Combat The Negative Thoughts

This might sound difficult in the beginning, but at some point of time, you need to confront the negative thoughts. Running away from them will pull you deep into the dungeons of depression.

You need to think what is causing the depression and what’s the best that you can do to get out of the slump you’re in. Many times, self-analysis can eliminate negative thoughts which in turn will boost your low morale. If you feel that you are a failure, you need to ask what makes you think so. Finding an answer to this would open the floodgates of solutions to prove your worth and succeed in life once again.

In time you may find that all of your lifestyle changes, such as healthy diet and exercise, and getting out having a little fun in the sun, and then sleeping it off every night are more effective than any anxiety medication could ever be. So, before you rush off to the doctor for a prescription, why not try some natural cures for depression and anxiety first?

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