How Do I Stop Having Panic Attacks?

Most people who suffer or have suffered from panic attacks agree that there are certain things that they can do to control them or minimize their effects. Others think it is impossible to stop having panic attacks. If you suffer from the condition, it is worthwhile researching some of the techniques you can use to stop having panic attacks or at least reduce their severity. By taking measures to stop or reduce the problem you can lead a more normal life and engage in ordinary activities without worrying about the possibility of an attack.

Why People Have Panic Attacks

If you wish to stop having panic attacks or reduce their effects it is important to understand what they are and why people have them. A panic attack is a feeling of intense fear and anxiety accompanied by certain physical symptoms such as shaking, sweating, heart palpitations and hyperventilation.

Panic attacks occur when the body’s ‘fight or flight’ reaction is triggered without there being any actual danger. Unfortunately the exact cause of panic attacks is not known at this time, though some scientists think that bereavement, physical illness, stress and even certain medications can be contributing factors.

Of course none of us are able to avoid triggers such as stress or grief, since they are all a part of life. However, there are numerous strategies you try if you want to stop having panic attacks or reduce their severity and frequency.

Steps You Can Take

If your problem is a mild one, you can stop anxiety and panic attacks without the help of a psychotherapist. One of the most basic but practical techniques you can use to stop having panic attacks or reduce their effects is to learn how to breathe correctly. By placing your hands on the top of your stomach and gently pressing down on it as you breathe in and out, you can help yourself to gradually calm down.

Another technique that you can use to stop having panic attacks is to keep telling yourself positive things. For example, if during the onset of an attack you repeat an encouraging phrase such as “There is absolutely nothing to fear,” it may help you.

If your panic attacks become more severe over time, or if you feel you need support to help overcome your illness, contact a psychotherapist who can help you learn more advanced techniques that you can use to counter the problem.

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