Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Worrying About Everyday Issues

Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD, is a condition in which a person worries about small, everyday issues. For instance, a person with this condition might worry obsessively about what may happen, even if it doesn’t. They also worry about legitimate things but tend to blow it out of proportion. Examples of this are money, health, family and friends, work and even death. A person who has this condition will feel as if something horrible, such as a devastating car crash is going to happen.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Do You Suffer With GAD?

Diagnosing general anxiety disorder isn’t easy because the symptoms of this condition are many. Plus, people who have this anxiety disorder usually have had it for a long time, so to pinpoint when it started can be difficult.

Symptoms include fatigue and fidgeting, headaches, nausea, muscle aches and tension, twitching, difficulty swallowing and trembling, sweating, sleeplessness, hot flashes and irritability.

If a person suffers with GAD, these symptoms might go on for years. Sometimes they might only suffer with mild tension and fatigue and the occasional fidgeting and then only experience more severe symptoms during times of high stress.

You Can Help Yourself

Many people who struggle with this disorder never do anything about it as they feel it is “in their nature”. For this reason, unless you are having severe symptoms, you might want to begin treating yourself with self-help programs, such as The Linden Method.

You can manage to live anxiety free, but it takes time and diligence. I didn’t say it would be easy…I know what it is like.

Make sure that you have proper nutrition (keep the foods that cause you anxiety out of your diet!) and exercise and get good sleep. You should consider changing any habits that you know cause you issues and if you need a little extra help, take natural anxiety supplements to help you ease your overall feelings of anxiety.

Write down all the things that make you worry on a daily basis, biggest worry first. Then, develop a plan for each worry to help eliminate it from your list of things to feel anxious about.

For instance, if you worry about money all the time, make a plan to build up your savings and offset your money worries. When you do this with everything that worries you, it can help you to feel better and more secure about your situation.

You should know that generalized anxiety disorder is common and while most people think there is no cure (I and many others believe there is), you can help yourself and begin living anxiety free for life when you take the right steps and know how to heal yourself.

Let me know how you try to deal with GAD in the comments below. I will try my best to help you if I can.

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About Jennifer Johnson

I suffered with social anxiety and stress for years. I discovered what my triggers were and learned to control them. Hopefully some of the natural anxiety relief techniques I have tried, will also be your solution.


  1. Jennifer Johnson says

    I was sent this email nearly two months ago and I recently asked for permission to post it here. I was allowed to, so I am. Here is the email I received:

    Hello Jennifer,

    Maybe you can give an answer on my question…I have been diagnosed with GAD but I never did know it…even after years of therapy! and that I have a personality disorder…it shocked me..(btw: the doctor did not told me what kind of disorder…)

    Then i talk and talk with therapists but nobody took my GAD seriously.(i do not look very fearful.) and so the last therapist a psychiatrist to.. were i was for over three years now.. .said after i asked treatments especially for the fears i have like agoraphobie and sleep problems and so on…told me he can not help me…after a short dispute…he ended the therapy (it means over 4 months i asked him in every hour i visit him…once a month what to do as next…:)

    After 3 years…!…i asked because in the years before i buyed the Linden Methode…and so i realised i have a GAD…and so many years past by without a treatment or having an understanding how to handle those fears…not the why.

    I guess if this program is good.. i could free myself of taking at last 3-4 mg. xanax a day… but i need still help. (have some friends who understand me but some have no time through their jobs.)

    this therapist did not wanted to know about this and other Programs..

    on a way i am glad…after all..!

    but i have been treated now many years without positive outcomes…and the added diagnose scares me more as the fear i have.

    i know through the internet now..after research that a lot of anxiety sufferers have such disorders..but on a way it does not solve anything by knowing this..

    its rather a burden more..(pointless..)

    what do you think…or what do you suggest in such situations..? what should i read… become more mental healthier

    thoughts..feelings..skills.. straight..

    i suffer…because i ‘lost so many things’…there is alot of stress because of this..

    i am still optimistic…but i do not trust such “caretakers” as psychiatrist are..anymore..sometimes i find them remoted from everyday live ..
    would be nice if you could give an advise or some thoughts how to handle this..

    btw. i hope you can understand what i wrote because english is not my language..

    have a nice day..

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      My reply, to now my wonderful friend, was to find support. Loving, caring ongoing support.

      Thanks to this letter I received (and a request to start a support group almost at the same moment), that is what I did.

      I started a private group where there are now many members and I invite you too.

      It is a Facebook group and you just have to request to be added on the right hand side of the page here:

      I look forward to seeing you there!

      • Julie Kaschak says

        Hi! Jennifer,
        I just joined your facebook group and I found this article very helpful. I was just diagnosed with GAD, OCD, and depression. I have just started medications but this definitely helps me figure out why I have felt the way I have for the past few years- well always but worse the last 6 years. I do not like taking all these meds so I am hoping that in the future I will be able to use some natural remedies to cure this. Thank you for the article.

        • Hi Julie,

          You certainly can learn ways to manage your anxiety issues. I find diet, exercise and different vitamins and minerals have certainly been a great start.

          Our Facebook group is full of wonderful, helpful people…I am glad you have joined us! 🙂

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