Mental Health – Why Not Put Yourself In A Better Mood?

When you put yourself in a better mood, you find that you can take on many of life’s challenges with little or no effort. Using essential oils is a great way to do that. Did you know that your mood determines how you perform on every day tasks? If you’re cranky, for instance, and you’re at work, you might find that you resent having someone ask you to do your job. This can lead to poor work performance that can cost you that promotion and that raise that you so badly need and want. Also, when you are in a bad mood and you have to deal with the stresses of daily home life, such as dinner for the kids, homework and your spouse, it can feel as if your evenings drag and drag. Not to mention how unhappy you will make your family.

Being in a bad mood is bad for you and it’s bad for everyone around you, so before you start yelling at everyone and stomping around or just sulking because you’re unhappy again, it might be time to put yourself in a better mood. There are many ways to do this, so it’s up to you if you want to try one technique or if you want to do many of the steps that are listed, but you will find that these are simple, easy and they really, really work.

Exercise and Sleep

The first thing you need to do to put yourself in a better mood is make sure that you’ve gotten enough sleep. Exercise will help you with this and can also release the feel good hormones that most of us so badly need, so tonight, try decompressing by taking a walk or doing some exercise for a little while and then go to be early. You’ll find that you sleep better and being rested is one of the best ways to keep yourself happy.

Eat Right

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Studies show that when we eat the wrong foods, we can feel lethargic and unhappy. So, why not have some good for you soup and a salad today for lunch? Consider adding a whole grain roll and water or unsweetened juice for an extra punch and see how good you feel when the 2:30 pm blah’s roll around. Eating right will not only help you to put yourself in a better mood, but it will help you to lose those extra pounds and we all know that weight loss is a great way to feel good.

Essential Oils

Consider taking a bath tonight with essential oils and while you’re at it, take those oils with you to work if you need to. Use grapefruit to help revive you and make you feel alert, and consider using lavender oil in your bath to relax and decompress. Feeling angry? Dab some essential peppermint on your temples to help soothe the anger and keep yourself on track for the day. Essential oils are a wonderful way to put yourself in a better mood and keep you focused on the tasks that lie ahead.

No matter what you’re doing or what you’re facing, you should know that you can put yourself in a better mood to help you function better, feel happier and be healthier. Don’t just work at it today, but practice techniques that can keep you happy more and will put you in a better mood when you need it.

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