Separation Anxiety In Children

Toddler and Child Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety in children, is nothing new, but it is a very real disorder. It is usually something that small children experience when their parents leave them, even for a short time. In most cases, children grow out of this condition and begin to understand that their parents are coming back, however it can continue as an anxiety disorder.

What Can You Do?

Child separation anxiety is most often seen as a frustrating developmental stage that parents and caretakers are forced to help the child deal with.

Unfortunately for adults who realize their childs fears are not rational, this condition is not just annoying, it’s downright painful to watch!

There are some things that you can do, once you understand the disorder, to help your child ease their fear and worry.

The first step in understanding how they feel is that many children begin to feel as if they have a headache or stomach ache.

These feelings are real, but are caused by the fear of their parent or carer leaving.

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If you can ease the anxiety over this initial phase, you will have better success at helping them overcome these ailments.

Assure them the best way you can, that you are coming back and give them something they understand time wise. Only you know what this might be.

Symptoms of Toddler and Child Separation Anxiety

While you should know that separation anxiety is usually a developmental stage in most children, there are some cases where the anxiety could become debilitating. It has been found that separation anxiety symptoms include:

  • Feeling strong general anxiety and worry when someone leaves the room.
  • Worrying about others leaving, even at known times.
  • Fear of falling asleep, unless the parent is near them and nightmares.
  • Frequent homesickness…don’t want to leave home.

As a child, the separation anxiety can continue into adulthood. If an adult experiences these symptoms, they too can be experiencing separation anxiety and it is recommended they seek treatment.

It is advisable that you talk to your health care professional to see if you can determine a course of treatment.

Many pediatricians recommend just assuring the child that you will return. With time they will begin to understand that it’s normal for their parents to leave and come back and it’s nothing to be afraid of. In extreme cases, therapy may be necessary.

Is your child suffering with anxiety issues? Talk to me in the comments below…

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