What Is A Panic Attack?

What Are The Causes and Symptoms Of Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

A panic attack can affect some people in very disturbing ways. Its symptoms include having bouts of intensive as well as irrational stress which are often accompanied by different kinds of fears. In addition, panic and anxiety attack symptoms also include being short of breath. You may also experience trembling which is at its worst when the attack first begins. A typical panic attack is known to last for approximately half an hour and varies from person to person.

Low Blood Sugar and Panic Attacks

The degree of intensity of such attacks can vary though the more intense and severe ones will cause the sufferer a lot of fright which in turn has long lasting effects. The attack is generally very irrational though a factor that does seem to contribute to the onset of panic attack is low blood sugar. In fact, according to studies made on the subject of panic attack it has been established that there is a possible link between this disease and puberty.

Not really knowing what causes a panic attack is not very reassuring to the sufferer; nevertheless, it is possible to take certain measures with which to manage a panic attack. For one, using different kinds of relaxation methods can help; medication and antidepressants are also helpful and widely used. The sad part is that no one single remedy has been proven to be most effective in all cases. The chances of suffering from panic and anxiety attacks though can certainly be reduced by lowering stress levels.

Don’t Ignore A Panic Attack Disorder – Find An Effective Treatment

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Another disturbing fact related to panic attack is that if the problem is not treated or ignored the attacks will last for many years. The good news is that there are panic attack treatments that are effective and a patient will respond well to various types of treatments. The duration of the treatment will vary from person to person.

Some people will at first respond well to treatment methods only to experience fresh bouts of panic attack when they become older; still others may be able to overcome their problem with a single treatment.

For those who suffer from panic attacks there is plenty of hope (albeit, results vary from individual to individual) that an appropriate treatment will help them overcome the problem. Even if you happen to be suffering from anxiety panic attack you need not be too concerned even though the condition comes in different forms and under varying situations. By consulting a professional healthcare giver, you will get sound advice regarding the best treatment options as well as learn about steps that will help minimize the risk of future panic attacks.

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