What Can You Do In Overcoming Performance Stress?

If you suffer from performance stress, you might find that one of the more common sources of this problem is with dealing with stress issues from work performance. When we work, we want to be our very best and when we are asked to do something that pulls us from the crowd of our peers, it can be very, very scary. This can cause many people to suffer from a type of stress with makes it nearly impossible to do anything.

Still not sure what it is? Say you have to make a big presentation. This can help you land that bonus and promotion you’ve been hoping for or it can make you look like a failure if the project falls flat. This is a lot stress and anxiety for you to be under and you might wind up having a moment of inability to speak or function. So how do you overcome performance stress?

Develop A Stress Free Plan

You can overcome these feelings of anxiety, stress and even panic attacks, but you have to know how. You should develop a plan to help you to perform better. Start by writing a list, including tips such as make eye contact and speak clearly.

  • Know your material. When you know your material, you will be less likely to get anxious and worried because even when you lose your place in your notes, you will be able to continue with your presentation without missing a beat. This can help you to ease your mind so that you are less likely to panic during your speech.
  • If you have to travel, make sure that you plan ahead of time to be where you need to be well in advance of your presentation. This will help you to become oriented with your space and calm yourself before you have to go in front of your audience.
  • The next step in overcoming performance stress is to be prepared. Make a checklist and look it over several times. Run through it with someone else and make sure that you have all the material you need. When you plan for contingencies ahead of time, you’ll never have to worry that you will be caught unprepared. Also, have material available for answering any questions your audience may have. This will help you if you are afraid you won’t be able to answer things in a timely manner.
  • Right before you go on; make sure that you take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes breathe deeply and reassure yourself that you can do this easily and without anxiety or panic. Remember that you have all your bases covered and have a killer presentation.
  • Stay focused. Don’t accept distractions right before you are about to go before your audience, as this can take you from your task at hand. Instead, turn off your cell phone and go over your notes a few minutes before you deliver your speech.

While these steps may not completely help to eliminate performance stress, you will likely find that making sure to be properly prepared at all times will help you to feel more confident when you’re in front of an audience and help you to look and feel good when you’re making your speech. Performance stress doesn’t have to run your life when you know how to tackle it and use it to make it work for you.

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