What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Chronic Anxiety?

Chronic anxiety can be treated, but you need to know the symptoms of chronic anxiety. When it’s not noticed and treated in time, the effects can be debilitating. Many people who suffer from chronic anxiety find that their condition can quickly change into problems such as agoraphobia, hoarding, depression and severe panic attacks.

The condition of chronic anxiety usually happens when a person suffers from extreme amounts of stress and the fatigue which will often accompany stress. This can be due to generally sleeplessness that many people who suffer from high amounts of stress experience, or it can be due to general exhaustion that extreme amounts of stress can cause. When they suffer from this condition, a person will usually notice that they begin to not function as well as they did before and they may begin to experience frequent panic attacks as well.

Chronic Anxiety Symptoms

While everyone suffers from occasional bouts of stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety, it’s important to know that there are signs which you should watch out for to determine if you are suffering from chronic anxiety. These signs include constant worry about the future. Often, when a person suffers from this type of worry, it’s a nagging type of thinking that you will see expressed when a person says things such as, “well, what if….?” The cause of worry is usually vague and obscure. You might also notice a person who suffers from chronic anxiety wringing their hands when they talk about what worries them.

Another symptom of chronic anxiety is panic attacks that hit at the most random moments. Usually, they happen when a person thinks about a traumatic moment, but to the outsider, it looks as if these come on for no reason at all. Often, a person suffering from a panic attack will feel a racing heart, sweating palms and may have trouble breathing.

When a person suffers from chronic anxiety, they are likely to suffer from other stress conditions such as sleeplessness, headaches and IBS. Many people who suffer from the main condition of chronic anxiety will find that they suffer from an offshoot condition, such as those mentioned. Instead of treating the causing condition, many people choose to treat the resulting condition by seeking help from a doctor for medications which can help relieve the pain caused from them .

Many people who suffer from chronic anxiety tend to have low self esteem and shy away from social activities. They also can seem to have short attention spans, since they are always looking for ways to alleviate their anxiety. Many women suffer from this condition.

The good news is that there is treatment for this condition and if you suffer from chronic anxiety, you should see if there is a form of treatment for you that meets your needs. Many people choose to take prescription medications; however, they can take up to 12 weeks to become fully effective. It is now thought that there are other options, such as therapy and natural medications which may be a preferable option for you.

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