What Are Panic Disorders And Panic Attacks?

Panic disorder and panic attacks are a real condition and a real disorder that many people suffer from each year. This condition is thought to be brought about from ongoing extreme stress and anxiety and when it’s not dealt with, they can seriously affect your way of life. For this reason, it’s important to learn all you can so that you can seek a suitable treatment for your condition that will help you to begin feeling better and more stable for life.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is essentially the classification for a person who suffers from panic attacks. The symptoms can vary in severity from person to person and from attack to attack. Some people only have attacks during extremely stressful times in their lives, but feel an overall sense of anxiety at all times, while other people find this disorder to be debilitating and threatening to their way of life in general.

Panic Attacks

The panic attack is essentially what happens to a person’s body when they feel extreme fear or anxiety. They can last for as few as 10 minutes or they can go on for up to an hour. They will often occur if a person thinks about a stressful time or traumatic event that they suffered through or due to something that relates to this event that we may not even be aware of.

There are thought to be three different types of panic attacks and they include spontaneous, where they come on with no warning. Spontaneous panic attacks can even occur when a person is sleeping. Situationally bound is when there is a stressful situation. These situations can trigger a panic attack if they remind a person of a traumatic event in their lives. Then, there are the situationally predisposed panic attacks, where a person has a stressful event and has a delayed reaction to the event. They may not suffer from a panic attack right way, but there are times when it will come on immediately, other times, it may not happen at all.

Regardless of the type of panic attack you suffer, you should know that there are some telltale symptoms which you might suffer. You might feel like you’re choking, or feel lightheaded or dizzy and shaky. You may also notice that you have a rapid heartbeat or trouble breathing and your chest might hurt. You may feel numb, have the chills, worry that you’re going crazy or feel nauseous. Seating and feelings of being all alone are also common symptoms.

Panic attacks and panic disorder can affect anyone at any time, but you should know that this disorder affects more women than men. You should also know that there are many different forms of panic attacks and panic disorders, but there are many different treatment options to help you begin feeling better.

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