Use Some Self-Help Treatment for Panic Attacks

While no one ever thinks it is a good idea to self-diagnose any condition, it is also unwise to wait until you are in the midst of a panic attack to try and help yourself either. Using some self-help treatment for panic attacks won’t hurt you. There are things you should know however if you feel an attack coming on. The more you know about how to handle it, the better off you will be.

Know exactly what is really going on when you experience panic attacks. The first basic step to using some self-help treatment for panic attack is to be aware of the condition. If you are armed with knowledge and know when an attack is coming, you will be better off in your efforts to overcome one. You can counteract the symptoms if you are already aware of what they are. Keep in mind the fact that panic attacks can happen to just about anyone. It does not matter if you an overly stressed person, depressed, or even generally happy. They can come on without rhyme or reason.

The things that trigger them can easily lead to overwhelming and exaggerated feelings of fear and anxiety. Even changes in the chemical makeup of your body can be a trigger. Low levels of progesterone and serotonin can cause this effect. There have been many studies into panic attacks, yet they are still somewhat of a mystery.

Be Aware of the Symptoms

When in the midst of an attack, someone may find it somewhat difficult to distinguish what is actually going on because the panic attack can make them question reality in a way. Even though this is true, it is important to know the symptoms. They area a combination of the following: chest pain, shortness of breath, hyperventilating, heart palpitations, sweating, shaking, upset stomach, dizziness, muscle tension, hot and cold flashes, a tingling sensation, numbness, fear of death, detachment, and even the feeling that you are going crazy. Also be aware of the fact that these symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.

Do Some Deep Breathing Exercises

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Doing some deep breathing exercises, is the best self-help treatment for panic attacks as you can gain back some control and lessen the severity of the symptoms. Deep breaths will also serve as a way to divert your attention from what else is happening. Slowly breathe in for three whole counts, hold for the same, and then slowly release the breath while counting to three again. Keep this up until you feel a sense of calm come over you. Breathing into a paper bag is one recommendation. This allows for the reuse of carbon dioxide to reset your blood levels that are thrown into chaos when you hyperventilate.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

This may be simple to say but it really can impact the amount of time you experience negative symptoms. You have to remember and keep telling yourself this too shall pass. The average attack last less than ten minutes and hardly ever goes beyond that. Even though the feelings can feel intense and the emotions a little overwhelming, you have to remember there really is an end in sight.

Keep Your Stress Levels Under Control

It is nearly impossible to eliminate all stress from your life or avoid any stress at all. However, you can cut down on the likelihood that a panic attack will occur if you are able to reduce your stress levels. You can do this by just putting in a little effort and staying away from people or situations that tend to cause you stress. Learn to say no, to things you know will overwhelm you or drain you. If you are being asked at work to do more than you know you can, decline the extra work, if you can and begin to use give yourself some self-help treatment for panic attacks.

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