Understanding Bipolar Depression

The Ups and Downs of Bipolar Depression

Based on its name, one can make a decent guess of what bipolar depression is all about. It is actually a mental disorder that causes sporadic and extreme mood changes in a person. It’s not like any regular change of mood either because it often involves switching from one extreme emotion to another. For instance, one minute you  may be feeling euphoric and blissful and later on you might become so depressed that you don’t even want to do anything at all. This is why bipolar depression is also sometimes called manic depressive disorder or manic depression. The manic phases of the condition frequently turn into depressives phases, and vice versa.

The dangerous thing about bipolar depression is that it involves more than just emotions but also affects a person’s mental functions. For instance, while in the state of manic euphoria, the person may feel so good about themselves that they think nothing can harm them at all. This can indeed be very dangerous because it can lead to rash decisions that can affect their physical health or financial obligations.

When in the depressive state, a person’s family life and personal relationships may suffer. For example, they may become so depressed to the point that they refuse to even get out of bed. This is what it can be like if living with depression. The frequent fluctuations from these extreme emotions can definitely be too much to handle for some people, and may cause them to desert the depressed person just to get away from the emotional stress of the entire experience.

Keeping a job is also not easy for a person who suffers from bipolar depression. First of all, they may tend to make unwise decisions that can put the entire company at risk especially when they are in the manic stages. Furthermore, the frequent mood swings may not even qualify them for office employment, where they would need to be in the company of other employees.

There are many possible causes of bipolar depression, one of which is substance abuse. According to studies, a large percentage of individuals who suffer from any level of drug addiction also show signs of bipolar depression. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all those with bipolar depression are drug users. This condition can be triggered by other causes like environmental or even hereditary factors. In fact, even children may be afflicted with bipolar disorder, but these cases are often mistaken as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Thanks to advancements in medical research, several treatments for bipolar depression have already been developed. These treatments range from the use of medications to intensive therapy. With the continued research on the disorder, we can expect new and more effective treatments to be available within the next few years.

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