There Are Many Types Of Anxiety Disorders

Many people are suffering from different types of anxiety disorders. Life these days can be very stressful and it is though that this is part of the reason that so many people suffer from anxiety issues. In fact, even small children have been found to have anxiety problems. For this reason, it’s important to be able to identify the type of anxiety disorder you or someone you love might be suffering.

General Anxiety Disorder

When a person has this type of anxiety disorder, they will frequently worry about all kinds of things, including those things which can be controlled. For instance, a person with this condition might worry that they have some kind of illness or that they are going to wind up with an illness. A person who has this condition might also worry that they will go to sleep only to not wake up in the morning.

In addition to worrying about health, a person who has general anxiety disorder will likely always worry about their money. If they don’t have enough money, this is a worry; if they have plenty of money, they likely worry that they will lose all of their money. This might be contributed to by the fact that a person with this type of anxiety disorder will lie awake worrying that the very worst that could happen will.

It’s not uncommon for a person with general anxiety disorder to suffer from aches and pains, stomach problems, tension and headaches, as well as sleeping problems.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD

Often, OCD is a term used in making fun of a person’s idiosyncrasies, but this disorder is a common problem among many people and many others suffer from milder forms of this condition. A person who has a severe case of this type of anxiety disorder usually realizes that their thoughts are not rational, but they can do nothing to resist them. The most common categories of this condition are: washers who don’t want to get contaminated from germs so they clean and wash compulsively.

There are also checkers who check the clock, appliances and anything else that could pose a potential problem time and time again. Doubters and sinners are the people who worry that if things in life aren’t perfect then something bad will happen and counters and arrangers thrive on symmetry and order. A counter and arranger will be attracted to patterns, colors, numbers or arrangements of things.

Hoarding is also a type of obsessive compulsive disorder in which a person keeps everything because they are worried that they will suffer terribly if they get rid of anything at all, so they keep everything.

Panic Disorder

A person with this type of anxiety disorder often suffers from panic attacks. These will come on without any warning and the trigger can range from something which is unknown to something that a person is very well aware of. Symptoms of a panic attack might include trouble breathing, rapid heartbeat, shaking and sweating, a feeling of lightheadedness and nausea.

A panic attack rarely lasts for much longer than an hour and they often only last for about 10 minutes or so.

Social Anxiety and Phobias

In addition to these types of anxiety disorders, there are also phobias and social anxiety to contend with as well. Many people are surprised to find that they often suffer from more than one form of anxiety at one time, which can often complicate treatment and healing of the condition. It is essential to keep in mind that if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you can get relief for this problem and start living anxiety free for life.

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