Taurine Benefits Include Relieving Stress and Anxiety

What Are The Health Benefits of L-Taurine?

The list of Taurine benefits is a long one. It can help relieve stress and anxiety symptoms, depression, prevent weight gain and more. L-Taurine is commonly referred to as ‘Taurine’.

Taurine BenefitsTaurine is not similar to “essential amino acids” which must be obtained from your daily diet.

It is a type of “conditional amino acid” which means that it is being manufactured in the body with the help of other amino acids such as cysteine and methionine.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the capability to ‘manufacture’ taurine due to varied health reasons.

They may need to obtain their taurine from their diet or from additional supplementation.

There are straight Taurine supplements and there are also supplements that contain this ingredient in specific dosages for helping with stress and anxiety, such as ProVanax.

Read further to understand the taurine benefits and why it helps to have the right levels…

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Taurine is an amino acid that helps you to feel calm and relaxed amid stressful situations. Taurine prevents the production of stress hormones known as adrenaline. Medical experts and researchers were truly amazed by the ability of taurine to bring back the balance between glutamate and GABA.

  • Glutamate is an ‘excitatory’ neurotransmitter while GABA is known to be a ‘calming’ neurotransmitter.

Once the balance between these two neurotransmitters is achieved, you become more capable of conquering the adverse effects of stress and anxiety. Therefore you cease to be vulnerable to adrenaline and cortisol spikes that usually occur when your stress levels or anxiety attacks are getting out of hand.

Weight Loss Benefits

Taurine can also be helpful for people who would like to lose weight. It is also responsible for some of the metabolic functions that will help you burn more fats. In the event that you experience rapid weight loss, taurine also prevents the loss of muscle mass.

Moreover, taurine has the capacity to raise the levels of resting energy expenditure in order to prevent weight gain.

According to the author of the book titled “Endocrinology”, Nobuyo Tsuboyama-Kasaoka said that when the person starts to gain weight, taurine concentrations in the blood will be depleted. This occurrence will then lead to a cycle of further weight gain.

This is when taurine benefits are found with correct supplementation. The reason being, with sufficient amounts of taurine, the weight gain and taurine depletion cycle will be interrupted resulting in weight loss.

  • Again ProVanax helps keep everything in balance and Dr Sam Robbins is an ‘Endocrinologist’ (a person who studies hormones and their actions in the body).

Insulin Health

The human body has its innate ability to produce insulin and taurine plays a crucial role in the preservation of such ability. Taurine and insulin must work together in order to activate each other. This process will result to the lowering of your blood sugar levels.

These levels of taurine may decline due to aging and these changes can have adverse effects on some vital organs of the body such as the eyes and kidneys. This is why those who are suffering from diabetes are prone to have problems in their retinas and kidneys as they age.

The good news is that taurine also has as antioxidant effect that can help prevent the kidneys and retinas from experiencing the damaging effects of free radicals brought about by aging. Another one of those taurine benefits we all can benefit from.

Taurine has already been touted as a very helpful amino acid to be used as part of the treatment process for many health problems such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and hepatitis.

More Taurine Benefits

There are more Taurine benefits…however these are just a few. We are more interested in relieving stress and anxiety and depression. Remember too that stress and weight gain are linked, which is why a natural anxiety supplement like ProVanax targets these factors.


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  • (Other names of L-taurine include taurina, Acid Aminoethanesulfonate and 2-Aminoethylsulfonic Acid.)

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