Symptoms of Child Anxiety Attacks

You need to know the symptoms of child anxiety attacks if you think that your child might be suffering from this condition. Lots of times, children get nervous. When they are little, all sorts of things can cause them to worry and since little kids cannot put their words and worries into words, all of their anxiety can tend to build up and cause little ones to feel very miserable.

While your child might not be feeling as if she is going to die, the fear of dying can be enough to send her into a whirlwind of anxiety attacks that will probably boggle your mind and leave you frustrated. You need to know that your child’s condition can be treated, but you have to seek the right treatments so that you can help your little one to overcome anxiety now and avoid it when she is older.

Symptoms to Look For

Many of the symptoms of child anxiety attacks are different than those of adults, so it can be easy to pass off your child’s complaints as being a hypochondriac. Symptoms such as unreasonable fear and panic at the thought of separation from parents are very common in children with anxiety problems. Your little one might cry, beg and plead not to have to leave you or have you lead them. Your child might also experience symptoms such as a stomach ache, headache, and toothaches that will prevent them from leaving your side.

You might also find that as soon as your child is told they can stay with you, they instantly feel better and are happy with the idea of being with you. These are all common symptoms of child anxiety attacks and they may also include throwing up and in some cases, you might even find that your child will run a low grade fever when experiencing an anxiety attack.

You might also find that your child suffers from general anxiety disorder, which will cause them to feel restless, tired, scared for no reason, have temper tantrums or cry and be moody. This is often similar to the symptoms that many adults report when they have anxiety attacks, so you should also keep your eye out for these behaviors.

Why They Have Anxiety Attacks

It is thought that some children will become anxious because their parents are. When a mom or dad is always keyed up and nervous, it is highly likely that the children will be as well. It’s important to work to ease your anxiety and help to ease your children’s fears when you are dealing with anxiety attacks that are caused from your feelings.

You should also know that many children can experience anxiety attacks when they have had a bad experience. So, if your little one was picked on at school about something or if they were hurt somewhere, it is likely that this has caused your child to experience anxiety and have anxiety attacks when they think that the same thing may happen to them again.

If your child is displaying symptoms of anxiety attacks, you will want to try to calm their fears and make sure they are comfortable, but if this doesn’t work, you might need to seek treatment for your child. Symptoms of child anxiety attacks are often different from little one to little one, so if you suspect that your child struggles with anxiety, you may want to consider getting them help.

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