Suffering From Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety and Shyness

It is perfectly normal for anyone to experience social anxiety every now and then. In fact, most of us have already gone through a few of these experiences in our lives, like when we are about to perform on stage in front of a live audience, or when we are going on a blind date for the first time. In these situations, it is quite understandable to feel nervous or apprehensive and this feeling usually goes away once the event is over.

However, there are also some people who feel anxious all the time. These people feel like everyone is looking at them and/or judging their every move. These fears usually keep them to themselves and they have very limited social interactions with other people. Some even go to the point of not leaving the house at all just so they can avoid meeting other people. In these cases, professional treatment for overcoming social anxiety will have to be undergone in order to conquer this disorder.

It is not clear whether social anxiety is an acquired trait or something that is inherited from one’s parents. Nevertheless, it is something that is fairly common among very young children when in the midst of adults. But most of these kids outgrow their shyness as they grow up, usually becoming very sociable by the time they hit puberty. If the shyness remains even as they grow into adults, there may be a real problem that warrants medical or psychological attention.

Differentiating between social anxiety and ordinary shyness is sometimes difficult as the symptoms are the same. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that people who have a real social anxiety disorder also suffer from other psychological issues like depression, stress and panic attacks. Shyness can be overcome with simple encouragement from the people around you but with social anxiety disorder, the problem can actually become so much worse as more people try to help.

For this reason, you should seek proper social anxiety treatment if you think you are suffering from this anxiety disorder. When left untreated, the problem can become worse and may even trigger physical manifestations such as nausea, palpitations, profuse sweating and stuttering.

One of the most common treatments for this social problem is psychotherapy. When combined with a stable support system and regular cognitive behavior therapy, psychotherapy is very effective in battling social anxiety and helping an individual live a normal life. There are also herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies, to help you find natural anxiety relief from social worries and fears.

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