Signs of Anxiety Panic Attacks

Feelings of anxiety panic attack and intense fear is almost what the  thrill seekers or adrenaline junkies who crave the rush can feel in seconds. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t feel a rush, but rather an overwhelming sense of fear without notice. The mere thought of it is scary to some but it is common for many who suffer from anxiety panic attacks.

There is Help for Those Who Suffer from Anxiety Panic Attacks

There are many signs that you might be having an anxiety panic attack. Some signs are more noticeable than others. Most people start with a dry mouth. The anxiety panic attack will feel like your trying to swallow cotton.

Anxiety panic attacks will also bring about the feeling that something is stuck in your throat, like a ball making it hard to swallow. Then, it can feel like there is a weight bearing down on your chest making it hard to take a deep breath. Shaky and sweaty hands usually follow.

There is no time frame for an anxiety panic attack. They came be different for each person. Twenty minutes seems to be the norm however. They can strike someone while they are in the midst of travel, seemingly worse for those on an airplane. On the extreme side, they can strike while someone is just relaxing while they watch their favorite show!

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It is important for people who are affected by panic attacks to know there is treatment. Both medication and therapy ca help. Therapy can help the sufferer get to the problems that are lying below the surface. These issues could be the root cause of attacks and stressful feelings. Medicine can sometimes address any issues brought on by chemical imbalances. These imbalances may be the reason panic attacks happen.

Don’t expect immediate results once you seek help. When you are in treatment, they can and will subside over time. Just getting your medicine leveled out to an affective dose can take awhile. Once the initial treatment time has elapsed, the sufferer will notice fewer panic attacks until they cease altogether. Once you see a decrease in attacks, you will feel more confident about being free of them.

Asking your doctor for more info on panic attacks and what causes them is the best way to find out more. Several medical websites can also keep you informed about them and their treatment. If you seek the right treatment, you can be free of anxiety panic attacks.

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