Self-Help Treatment for Panic Attack

If you suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, you might be looking for self-help treatment for panic attacks that really works. Many people are looking for a way to ease their anxiety without having to spend thousands of dollars on therapy or needing to take prescription medications to keep them from suffering from their episodes.

Start with Easing Your Anxiety and Relax

In the case of self-help treatments for panic attacks, you should work backwards. In other words, the more relaxed your body is, the less likely you will be to suffer from your panic attacks. What’s this mean for you? You are going to embark on an enjoyable journey of relaxation so that you can face your days and nights a little bit more easily.

Consider using a journal to track down all that makes you nervous or anxious. When you write down all that is troubling you each night, you are putting it on paper so that you can get things off your mind. This will help you to get better sleep and feel more able to take on your day. This is great self-help treatment for panic attacks. Also, writing down your anxieties is a way to break your problems down and make them more manageable. Much like a to do list, your problems are going to be around until you take care of them, so you just deal with them one by one and check them off as you go. You will be amazed at how much this single approach can help you to ease your anxiety and avoid panic attacks.

You should also make sure to spend time for yourself. For instance, take a hot bath with lavender essential oils or get a massage. Meditate, do yoga or workout, or, you might find that all of these have an even greater effect. Recognize when you need to stop for the day and take time to unwind, you’ll be no good to yourself or others if you don’t.

Identify Your Triggers

We all have things which serve to “set us off” and panic attacks are no different. There are things which will cause you to feel lots of anxiety and probably get you going. When you know what these are, you might find that you have a better time with your anxiety because you can anticipate and prepare for an attack. No, you won’t be thinking, “oh no, here it comes,” but you might be thinking, “well, let’s get it over with” and this can help you to reduce and even eliminate your panic attacks.

With each trigger you identify, you will be able to work to deal with your feelings about that trigger so that you no longer see it as a threat, but actually find that whatever the “trigger” is, it cannot hurt you. As far as self-help for panic attacks goes, this is one of the best ways to conquer your problem. When you face it head on and become “unafraid” of it, you will be able to go on with your life without worrying about if you have an attack.

Recognize It For What It Is

Okay, once you’ve had a panic attack, it’s likely that you will recognize it should you be hit with the same situation again. Okay, these are uncomfortable and it’s irritating, but you will not die. You know that when it’s over, you will be okay and able to function. So, when you’re working on self-help for panic attacks, you need to remember that these feelings while uncomfortable, will not last and when your panic attack is over, you might be scared, but you’ll feel just fine.

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About Jennifer Johnson

I suffered with social anxiety and stress for years. I discovered what my triggers were and learned to control them. Hopefully some of the natural anxiety relief techniques I have tried, will also be your solution.


  1. I am more than familiar with panic attacks and anxiety disorders. I have suffered from it for a long, long time. One thing that has helped me a lot is hypnotherapy. It really does help and it is not instantaneous however if you stick with it, it works!

    • Thank you Dani!

      That’s wonderful that you have tried hypnotherapy and it has worked for you. Thank you for sharing your success with us. Your sharing may help others and I thank you.

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