Reduce The Fear and Stop Panic Attacks

Everyone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, want to know one thing – how to stop panic attacks. It is not at all uncommon for those who deal with anxiety to also have problems with panic attacks. It can be difficult to understand how this feels if you have never suffered from them. All you have to do to understand one is to imagine how your body would react if everything you feared were right in front of you. This is how a panic attack would feel. Unfortunately, there are those who know all to well just how one feels. They may not only know exactly how it feels, but also be able to tell when one is about to occur.

You can really find a way to deal with panic attacks and anxiety in general by following these simple steps. The first thing to aid yourself in properly handling attacks it to be sure to be well nourished and get enough sleep. There are some theories that indicate that being even a little dehydrated can open yourself up to anxiety as the cells trigger into a type of “survival” mode. Proper nutrition also plays a role in how your body deals with anxiety. If you are one who has to deal with panic attacks, taking care of yourself in this respect can help you stop panic attacks.

One thing to think about is how the very idea of having a panic attack can actually put enough fear into those who suffer from the disorder. The fear alone can bring on symptoms. The symptoms include increased heart beat, a tightening feeling in your chest and shaking and sweating. You may also have a great deal of difficulty breathing and feel slight tingling in parts of your body. For those who have never had one, it is important to know the very first one is typically as bad as it gets. For some, the first one may give you the feeling you are going to actually die from it.

It is only natural that you want to find a way to free yourself from these panic attacks. The key is to know that you must take them head on. Regardless of what a doctor may say, there is not a magic bullet cure to stop panic attacks. If you use an anti-anxiety medicine, you may feel slightly better and able to control emotions. But you may feel as if you are missing out on other emotions at the same time. You have to be able to detect how the onset of a panic attack feels.

The fortunate aspect is that once you are able to distinguish the onset and how it feels, you can take steps to stop panic attacks in its tracks. You may actually be able to stop them altogether. Knowing just what they are is the very first step to stopping them. The symptoms feed off of stress, therefore recognize this and realize what it is. Once you know it is just a panic attack and not certain death, you can calm yourself enough to slow your own heart rate and stop sweating. The shaking will go away in a minute too.

There is no denying that panic attacks are very frightening. It can sometimes be a little scary how our bodies deal with stress. You have to at least try and stop panic attacks on your own. By breathing deep and closing your eyes you may be able to reduce and even eliminate the panic attack. Once you remove the fear, you reduce the chances that one will happen at all.

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