Panic Attack Medications – Can You Live Without Them?

If you take panic attack medications, you might be wondering if there is any way you can stop taking them and feel normal again. This is a common question because many people actually want to get off their anxiety medication but are afraid that they won’t be able to control their emotions. While there are some things that you should do to ensure you are successful in dealing with your feelings when you quit taking certain medications, you should know that with some hard work, you might find that you feel better than ever without your meds.

Making the Choice

You might have started taking panic attack medications to help ease your anxiety, but you might be starting to feel some of the more common side effects, such as a lack of energy, fuzzy thinking, nausea and depression are beginning to get to you, so it might be time to consider taking yourself off your meds. Now, you need to discuss this with your doctor, so that you don’t wind up cutting yourself off medications and suffer side effects. You should also take the time to consider what new coping skills you have developed.

For instance, have you been going to therapy to help yourself deal with your anxiety and panic attacks? You will need to fall back on these coping skills, so you’ll need to know exactly what will help you to stay panic free. No matter what coping skills you have or have developed, you will need to have them on hand and be ready to pull them out, because you’re going to be on your own when it comes to fighting your panic attacks. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to do this, but self help is very important when you’re working to get off your panic attack meds.

When you’re making the choice to go off your panic attack medications, you need to think about how much you don’t like the way they make you feel versus how much you’re worried about having a panic attack.

Take the Right Steps

This isn’t about bashing your panic attack medications, but it’s likely that you already know some of the negative side effects of these drugs. In fact, if you’re like many people, you might be wondering if you are addicted to them and you may or may not be, but if you have decided that you are ready to get off of these medications, make sure to talk to your doctor about it. It’s likely that you will begin “stepping down” on the dosage of your pills. There are also natural medications you can try too.

The transition to get off your panic attack medications may actually take quite a while, but you’ll likely find that this is much easier for you to handle than if you were to cut them off cold turkey. So, make sure to work with your doctor when you are interested in getting off any of these medications. And, don’t get upset if your doctor decides to put you on an entirely different medication which might ease your anxiety, but are less potent than what you are currently taking.

In the end, yes, you can live without your panic attack medications and you might just find that not only do you not have panic attacks anymore, but you also feel fabulous and happy and ready to face the world. Life without panic attack medications doesn’t have to mean miserable for life, so if you think you’re ready, give it a try today.

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