Overcoming Social Anxiety When You Are In Public

Social Anxiety and Having To Face People

You may think the title is odd. “Overcoming social anxiety when you are in public”. Isn’t that what a social anxiety disorder is? Being in public? Well I tend to think there are two types of social anxiety disorders.

One is when you are out shopping for example…out in public, the other is when you are at social gatherings or family functions.

The symptoms of social anxiety can appear before the actual event. The build up to a special event or having to go out in public for the smallest of tasks, builds a fear that becomes enormous!

Of course, it is perfectly normal to be a little apprehensive when meeting new people, but if you suffer with social anxiety it is an extremely unpleasant and frightening experience.

If the fear you are feeling is intense and more than you would class as being acceptable, then you certainly can begin to look at ways of overcoming your social fear.

As for being out in public, if it becomes such a problem that you don’t want to leave the house, it can develop into another anxiety disorder known as agoraphobia.

If you are invited to a party or social gathering and don’t know anyone, what can you do to relieve your social phobia?

Overcoming social anxiety will be a lot easier if you have someone you trust by your side. They certainly can give you confidence or at least provide moral support, especially if you don’t know any of the other guests at the gathering.

Overcome Social Anxiety Without The Bad Habits

Besides being bad for your health, alcohol and cigarettes during a social event will get you more worked up about the event. So it makes sense if you are trying to overcome social anxiety, give up the bad habits, as it will only make it more difficult.

It is the common belief of smokers and drinkers that these activities make them feel less agitated but the truth is that the substances in cigarettes and alcoholic beverages will add to your apprehension and nervousness.

Instead of lighting up a cigarette or hiding in a corner drinking alcohol, take some deep, healthy breaths! If you see someone as nervous as you are, why not try and start up a conversation with them? You may feel nervous at first but you’ll feel more comfortable as you keep talking — you might even be able to make new friends and help each other.

Natural Solutions

You may have heard or used medication to control your fears and social phobia problems, however you can try natural social anxiety treatments.

There are self help programs available, such as The Linden Method and also natural supplements for anxiety to ease the feelings and overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

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