Overcome Panic Attacks With These Tips

With the increase in the number of people being affected by panic attacks, it is imperative that every one of us understand the techniques that could help in overcoming a panic attack with ease. Make use of the following tips to understand as to how to overcome panic attacks quickly and comfortably.

Tips to Overcome Panic Attacks

  • Opt for Distractions

When you are confronted with a panic attack, don’t get tensed. Watch out for symptoms and try to get distracted. Initiate a phone call with your friend. Start thinking of something that made you very happy recently. Think about a friend who had helped you at times of need. Note down the effective ways that get you distracted and opt for those techniques, the next time you get a panic attack. Have a couple of emergency contact numbers handy.

  • Stay out of Triggers

Try to recollect and note down the triggers or thoughts that precede a panic attack. Stay out of those and prevent yourself from getting into them.

  • Practice 7-11 Breathing

This technique has been testified to be one of the effective ways that can help you to overcome panic attack. Just inhale while you count from one to seven and then exhale while counting from one to ten. This would in turn relax and help you in getting out of anxiousness and formidable thoughts with ease.

  • Accept the Problem and Talk to Your Doctor

Be open and accept the fact that you are facing this health problem. If you feel that you are uncomfortable discussing this with your medical practitioner, have an informal discussion with a friend or a relative of yours. Understand that it is easy to get out of it and try to do your best to overcome this challenge.

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  • Get to Know About Cognitive Behavioral Care

Cognitive therapy can help you understand how to behave and act at times of anxiety and panic. This type of care not only requires support from friends and family but also proves to be a permanent and powerful solution to overcome panic attack.

Treatment Methodologies to Overcome Panic Attacks

  • Natural Remedies

Learning techniques to relax you constitute the natural remedies for overcoming panic attacks. Breathing into a paper bag, practicing 7-11 breathing technique, understanding the tactics that can get you distracted completely are a few of the effective natural means that can help you to overcome panic attack.

  • Medications

Discussing the occurrence of panic attacks with your medical practitioner would definitely help. Intake of prescription based anti-depressants, beta-blockers and anti-anxiety pills would help you in combating the attacks almost instantaneously. However, these pills can have adverse side effects too. So, opt for medications to overcome panic attack only if that becomes absolutely necessary.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This behavioral regimen educates you as to how to act befittingly under different circumstances in your daily routine. With the help of this cognitive therapy, you can work with your practitioner and get to know the tactics that would help you to handle any challenging situation that you are confronted with.

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