Natural or Prescription Stress Relief Medicine Is Your Choice

Treating Anxiety and Stress With Prescribed or Natural Medications

We all have such busy lives and schedules today that there never seems to be enough time in our day to cope with everyday stressors. We want to relax and live without anxiety and stress as we know it is affecting our health. Stress is the leading cause of work loss. It causes lack of concentration, addictions, various aches and pains, lack of sleep, and aggravates other conditions. It can lead to addictions such as food, sex and drugs and many people turn to some type of stress relief medicine for their symptoms.

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There are many forms of stress relief medicines available. Some are natural such as herbal supplements that can be used to help with your stress and anxiety symptoms.

Other stress relief medicines are prescription. Both types have been shown to be beneficial and there is considerable debate on which is the best.

You have to make an informed choice as to which stress relief medicines are for you, whether you prefer natural or prescription and how they work. It is important to examine the benefits and side effects of which ever type of stress relief medicine you choose.

Prescription Medicines for Stress

Xanax is usually in the top 10 range of prescriptions filled for each year being the top stress relief medicine. For decades this addicting medicine has been prescribed for stress and anxiety.

Though it was generally effective in calming stress it was found to be highly addictive. It also masked the symptoms and did not allow for the lifestyle changes that the person needed to occur. It is now being prescribed in shorter time frames and doctors urge other modalities of therapy to go with it.

Other Anti-Anxiety Drugs

These days as depression is also becoming quite common, other anti anxiety drugs work in combination for stress and depression such as Zoloft, and Paxil. These are prescription medicines that are said to have some use as stress relief medicines. However as many prescription medicines do they have been found to have significant side effects in particular with children.

As these are very strong stress relief medicines it is important to study the side effects and risks carefully along with the benefits.

Herbal Medicines That Relieve Stress

Many herbal medicines for stress relief have been used for centuries. Many say that these are less addictive, cheaper and better for the body. There is a vast profusion of proprietary blends and combination supplements that say they are stress relief medicines.

Chamomile, Lavender, St. John’s Wort, Kava Kava are herbs associated with being herbs for anxiety and stress. They can be found over the counter for easing anxiety and providing stress relief. Find all the available information as you decide and choose which type of stress relief medicine is best for you. As always it is important to talk with your health care provider for professional advice.

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